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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weird scenes inside the coal mine

Good evening,

First, greatest apologies and no, mouse's journey hasn't ended. As expected by Omega, mouse repressed much after Alpha passed away. It's hard for her to even comprehend how difficult it was for her to break free of the old habits and routines that held her almost captive for so many years. Yet, somehow she did eventually. It was a slow, almost tedious process.

The past couple weeks mouse has been still with those thoughts and memories. In that time, Omega has asserted more control over the mouse in a most healthy way. The end result has blossomed into a calmer, more centered mouse. When mouse is grounded, Omega soars. Now, she realizes how much and how deeply her Master loves her. How his decisions are (almost) always right. Sometimes discussion isn't needed, sometimes mouse just needs to remember he is in complete control. The control she gave him.

Last night as mouse readied herself for bed, Omega bound her labia piercings together tightly with string. Why? Because he could and it pleased him. It hurt, but mouse obeyed and didn't touch herself. He then placed clamps on the tender parts, attaching them with a short chain, which connected to the rings on her nipples...everything turned white...air swirled around mouse as she continued with her ritual of kneeling, thanking and begging Omega to enter the bed. He, for the first time ever, bound her wrists and swaddled the mouse tightly, as though cocooned and cradled in his arms. In that still place mouse found the most incredible sense of peace. Eventually he did release her tender parts and breasts, but left the labia cinched, used the mouse sexually before re-swaddling the mouse and coaxing her into sleep. Never has mouse remembered sleeping so well!

In the morning the mouse wriggled out of the tightly wrapped blanket and began her morning ritual of preparing coffee for Master, turning on the oven and prepping breakfast. With very fresh coffee, mouse returned upstairs, placed the coffee on the nightstand and woke Omega. As the mouse worked on pleasing Master with her mouth, he turned and leaned back into the bed, sipped his coffee and spoke softly to mouse. He wanted full service.

When Master was finished, he thanked mouse and pulled her close to him, released, at last, the cinching from the piercings. At once the pain she'd grown so used to was gone and for a moment mouse wondered how she slept like that. Omega then grabbed a length of hair, pushed the mouse into the bed, face first and used her from behind. The inner slut wriggled, writhed and moaned whorishly with each thrust. When he finished, mouse did her bidding and licked him clean. He surprised mouse with his leather strap, which he put to good use reddening mouse's rear, 20 times in fast succession. After Omega swatted the mouse's rear using his hand, almost playfully, he sent her into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. And so began a quiet Sunday.


  1. Glad to see you posting again. It is amazing how deeply death effects those left behind. Find strength in Omega.


  2. Welcome back mouse. I'm so glad things are good for you and Omega. It sounds like you were enveloped in him.

  3. welcome back mouse, I have missed you.

  4. Glad you are back. Missed you.

  5. Missed you bunches... glad you took some time to reflect though. It's something we all need to do once in a while.




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