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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why mouse follows

Recently, over lunch a friend, in a-not-so-innocent-way, inquired how Omega was doing and if things between us were back to normal. It made mouse a bit uncomfortable, as though being put under a microscope. Only answered that we were fine.

It was perplexing though to say the least, what was this well-meaning friend hinting at? What was she implying? There are moments where mouse wonders what her friends think. Yes when her phone goes off, she instantly jumps, reading it at once to see who is calling or texting. Omega's needs come first. His wants, desires and needs are first as are his preferences. If he doesn't like something generally mouse goes without it. Is it that noticeable to everyone else?

It's not as though mouse really cares one way or another what anyone thinks, but there are times when mouse steps outside herself just a moment and considers that people must be asking why she follows. It seems that today women aren't supposed to need or require approval from anyone. To ask a spouse for some sort of permission to go out for drinks or shopping seems or must seem...odd...

Or maybe that's what everyone does, it's just that mouse is a little more open to it?


  1. Unfortunately, society today thinks that any woman who lives that way must be being abused by her evil husband. That she has no choice. I don't believe that at all, and obviously you don't either. Thank you for sharing.


  2. The whole point of feminism was to give women choices, correct? If I choose to give power to my husband/Dom/Master/girlfiend/whomever, that is my choice. The media and radical feminism have perverted what feminism was all about, women free to choose for themselves, not just choose what is politically correct. Like the whole stay at home mom vs. the working mom debate. Why is this a debate at all?

    Okay, I'll get off my soap-box now.

  3. when someone accuses MK of being abusive or bullying me (well those that have been brave enough to say it to my face) , i just say that we have an old fashioned relationship and as He looks after me so i look after Him. It must show through how happy i am , or else people that know us have got to use to it, for i get very few remarks like that any more... Nice to see you back mouse.
    saffy :-)

  4. Mouse,
    So good to see you back. I think that many women get very rigid in appearing not to ask for permission or approval because they feel they won't be accepted if they do. It's a no win circle.

    I don't mean this disrespectfully to you; I know to you your friend checking in must feel intrusive and nosey. I wished my entire childhood someone would have asked, really asked, my mom how she was, and not accepted just "fine." I guess that's a no win also - as a friend, how to know when to worry and when not to?

  5. I spend some days going without for the same reasons as you. I simply do not do or indulge if He does not like it. I do not go out shopping, i get my hair done how and when he says and he comes first in my life. You are correct in stating that others do not understand. We live in a society where women are expected to be independent and not in need of a man. I could not imagine living my life without my husband though and also without his control. It is when society wants to pass judgment that i had to stand up and realize what we do is not wrong but simply fits us.

    Thank you for making me feel more normal.


  6. We don't live the lifestyle 24/7 as you and Omega do but we still get permission to do things (or at least I do). I think it is just common curtsey and respectfulness for each other. Maybe they don't have that kind of relationship with their partner/significant other or they just don't respect each other.

    Don't let them get you down. Sir comes first always and if someone doesn't like it, well then they can move on. I know who is important and who is not.



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