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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Omega wishes

Good morning,

Omega got upset with mouse yesterday morning because she didn't post here or anywhere.  He was calm when he delivered his punishment, but spent a good deal of time telling mouse about how difficult it is to punish a pain slut.  How to make the pain so that it's painful (he said these things as he was tightening the binds and placing the penis gag into mouse's mouth).  He went to work causing varying degrees of pain, making his mouse cry, beg, and feel such heavy remorse.  It was so harsh, she nearly fainted, but he's an expert at giving just pain so that it ebbs and flows in just the right way.  There was no bliss in this.

It wasn't all about missing a day, it was a correction for many infractions he's noted recently.  That's the crazy thing about punishment, it's always about the last thing and the 20 things that led up to that last thing.  The fucked up part is that he was right when he took his time and made mouse suffer.  When the punishment continued throughout the night, mouse knew Master must be very angry with her.  You see, Omega is the constant, at least in mouse's world.  He gives her purpose.  Omega gave mouse meaning.  That is like casting mouse out to sea and taking away the lifeline that leads back to him.  For an evening Omega let go the rope and let her drift.  His silence.  Never has mouse felt such crushing loneliness.  So despondent that she had disappointed him.  He had seemed to lose faith in his mouse.

Then in early hours of this morning, as she woke him with her mouth.  He pulled his mouse close to him, making her take him all in.  He pushed; making her swallow him -- he made her choke on him.  After he spoke smoothly to her, his voice like velvet as she closed her eyes and listened to him.  Lost in him.  Honestly she couldn't readily comprehend the words he was saying but his tone, the softness spoke volumes to the mouse.  The rope was back and tethered completely to him and the mouse was happy.  No longer fearful that he'd push her away.  The events of the previous day washed away by him.

As he held his mouse she could again feel his warmth and love.

Now, she must go and make Master some breakfast!


  1. Mouse,
    That was very powerful, maybe not even as you intended it, maybe only because of my reading it in my context. The intenisty of your emotions, up and down, your connection with Omega, this would overwhelm me in a heartbeat. I think it truly shows that the more submissive one is, the stronger one has to be.

  2. I am beginning to realize that They love to reel us back in. Mmmmmmm!

  3. Omega is obviously a strong leader. Do you still feel the strong remorse or did it pass the moment he held you?


  4. *hugs* Sorry you were punished, but I'm glad everything is resolved. Hope things are going well today... sending you both *hugs*


  5. mouse,

    The punishment was not about the past 20 things, but really the last 18 or so.

    Having said that, you must understand the journal, public and private are very important to me. Yes, there are times when skipping might be forgiven, however we are both acutely aware this was not the case.

    I love you mouse, more than words can express. During this trying time for you, as we proceed, to get clear of this, the mutual monster of our past, the journals and your words become even more important. I need to know if I take you too far, too quickly.

    You serve me well,

  6. Wow, the two of you have a beautiful relationship. The give and take is amazing.



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