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Thursday, February 3, 2011

And mouse...

Good morning,

There are words that warm mouse's heart and there are other words, especially the words, "...and mouse..." send chills up mouse's spine and not in a good way. It's not always bad, but not always good either. Sometimes it's just an additional task, or chore, other times its to tell mouse he loves her, but more often than not, it is to express some sort of displeasure. Such as, "please pick-up my dry cleaning and drop off the suit on the chair...and mouse be sure to put the slip in the file." Of course, of doesn't seem that bad, but with the cold expression, followed by stern eyes you know...Omega wants it the way he wants it. He's not complicated, really, but he does want things the way he wants them...

Sometimes it's difficult to fathom for mouse why he'll give such detailed directions and mouse must complete each step in the order he gives them.   Of course, he has no real way of knowing if mouse does go the market, then the butcher then to dry cleaner...or if she decides to go to the dry cleaner first.  For that he really relies on mouse to tell him.  It's not a game he plays or that mouse's just the way we are and the way we relate to each other.  It's understood that if mouse deviates from his instructions it's because she has reason, not because she's being dismissive.  If a meeting brings her closer to the dry cleaner, it makes sense that she will go there, instead of driving miles out of the way to end up in the same place later.

In the evening during the bathing ritual, Omega will sometimes ask mouse about her instructions.  It's not a big deal though, it's more like conversation.

It's as though mouse doesn't really pay attention to it, we just talk.  He listens a lot during that time, asks questions but not in an interrogation type of way.  He only does that when he's angry and that's, lucky for mouse, pretty rare.

On Tuesday the..."and mouse," was don't forget to journal your thoughts today.

We all kinda know how that went.


  1. I bet I know why the cleaner is the clothes don't have the opportunity to be crushed or smudged by the other items you are picking up. Just wondering.

    Hi mouse!

  2. Asha can get picky about doing certain things a certain way. I mean for the most part he's laid back and doesn't care... but then there are those certain things that trigger the OCD response. I have to admit that I have a hard time with that... but that's probably because I've always been so picky about how I do things myself. It's a struggle for me a lot. Wish I could be more accepting of it. Do you ever find it difficult doing things his way? Or not so much anymore...



  3. turiya,

    It would seem what you are describing is not an issue of following instructions but an issue with control. Perhaps a period of consideration of that will be fruitful.

    serve well,

  4. Thank you Omega... I hadn't even thought of it that way. And yes, control has been an issue with me lately... to the point that it's causing feelings of guilt. I have a lot to think about (and to talk about with Asha now).

    Thanks again,



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