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Monday, February 28, 2011

Game change (2)

Good morning (again),

So after playing Omega's fun new game a few more times, mouse started thinking about what she was doing wrong.  Honestly maybe she was trying to rush it a little.  So the next time he started our 5 minute game mouse decided to move slowly and kept her eyes on her Master the whole time.  Kinda whipped up a seductive fantasy in her mind as she played with herself.  Soon mouse was very wet and throbbing, so close.  

Omega reached out his hand placing his fingers on top of mouse's and causing her to tremble, before giving the hands up command.  If it was truly something that mouse was doing differently or just Master taking pity on his slave, this mouse can't be sure.  Goose bumps rose as tingles fluttered, but her eyes never left her Master.  It was complete and total submission to his will.  Again not entirely sure but she thinks he felt it, the chemistry or lust between us.  The want or need....

It was intense.

After mouse was completely debased and undone, almost like being subspace except without any pain.  It didn't make sense to mouse and made her shiver.   Normally mouse will only post once a day but this required a second post to sift through these strong emotions.  This connection between us was palpable and something she's felt before long ago when being with Omega.  But back then it was sullied and dirty, to have that kind of connection with someone who wasn't your Master, someone would punish and beat because...because she liked being with him.  Oh how she loved Omega even then and wanted to be with him always.  The realization of that moment took her breath away and she started crying.

Omega, is her Master and like any good Master never leaves a slave upset after something particularly intense happening.  He cursed under his breath and phoned work saying he'd be late and no, he had no idea how late he'd be.  His was annoyed and mouse was terrified.

He wrapped her up in a blanket, warming her with his body because she'd begun to shiver.  It wasn't from feeling cold...well, maybe it was cold feeling....but it came from deep inside her not from outside in...

Gently he began to coax out of mouse what the matter but she really couldn't explain it -- at least at first, the look of confusion maybe said more and eventually the words tumbled out of her mouth.  He held and soothed mouse, reminding her those days are over with and now she really was his.

Thank you Master for not leaving!


  1. Mouse, I hope you're feeling better..sounds nice O could stay to comfort you and see what's the matter. You are a gifted writer..btw -_-


  2. You are most welcome.

    Lovely dinner mouse.



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