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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Good morning,

Long after dinner Omega went to work in his study and mouse followed.  Almost absentmindedly she pulled a book from the shelf and started flipping pages.  Omega glanced up and our eyes met for a moment.  His brow furrowed but he returned to his work and mouse returned attention to the book in her hands.  He paused again and startled mouse by asking when exactly did mouse become interested in anatomy.

Was she looking at an anatomy book?  Sure enough she was and stood to return the book to its spot on the shelf.  He looked at his watch and suggested that maybe we should both go to bed, it had been a difficult day for mouse, he knew that much.  Guess his day was really no picnic either.  We went upstairs and mouse began the evening ritual and he let her go through it.  After tho, he pulled her close to him and sat her on the bed, he had her again lace her fingers behind her neck and hold herself still.  Our eyes were locked on each other as he began to touch moue in those tender areas, soon he lifted her and entered her but our connection remained very strong moving much as one.

The reaction was the same as earlier when he finished, the intensity of this all overwhelmed mouse so completely and talking was difficult.  When she tried to break the connection, to hide from him he pulled her face to his and stared into her eyes...the shivering and tears...the sobs started.  He held her close, pulled a blanket over us both and spoke in a soothing tone to her.  Eventually as she mentally returned and the intensity faded mouse couldn't keep it inside her any longer.

Yesterday morning she had finally acknowledged the deep rooted emotions she'd dismissed really years ago.  That truth she couldn't bring herself to admit -- was that she loved him even back then.  The only reason she was ever with Alpha was because Omega hadn't wanted her then.  It wasn't personal, mouse just wasn't O's choice back then.  How many times through the years has she wanted to say that to him...but felt weird admitting it.  Would it make him feel guilty?  If she said it in anger...maybe.  It would depend on when she said it and how.  Eventually mouse just buried those strong feelings deep within her.

When we finally did get together, it just didn't seem important to dredge up all those feelings.  What's done is done Omega always says.   Please Master forgive mouse for not telling you this a long time ago.


  1. This was beautiful. And it kind of makes sense. It makes the pieces of your story fit together in a different way.

  2. Ohh mouse ... I am so moved to see this ... It breaks my heart to see that you are having the past come up and make you feel this way .. you are in my thoughts and prayers this week :o)
    Lil' Heaven

    P.S. I am back on blogger but my URL has changed so you might need to update your blog list :o)

  3. It's better late than never... at least that's what they say. :)



  4. You are forgiven for that mouse. My emotions as well from that period years ago, too ran deep.



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