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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paying for mistakes

It needs to be said mouse blew it big time.  It needs to be said that mouse is sometimes neglectful.  Everything is up-to-date with mouse, except for one thing...her teeth.  It seems mouse has issues with going to the dentist.  It just scares the bejezzes out of her.  So she didn't go.  For 7 years.  Ya 7 years.

Daddy changed that and made her an appointment, but she cancelled it.  Ya very bad mouse.  Of course mouse was punished but when Daddy got distracted she remained silent.  After all, she wasn't going to tell him what to do...right?  A year passed and it was time for Daddy to go, but his dentist quit the business so he had to find a new one, which he did.  It took some time but he found a nice dentist close to where we live and promptly made mouse an appointment on the day he went.  Well, then it started again, the date he picked just wouldn't work so mouse called them to cancel it.  Daddy had warned them and they insisted upon rescheduling it.  Freudian slip mouse picked a different that also wouldn't work.  Called them up and again they insisted that mouse pick another date and time.  It's true mouse sighed but finally picked a date that would work and obsessed because it was actually sooner than the last appointment she'd pushed off.

Funny how that works?  Daddy was sooooo insistent and patient with mouse about it.  Well, the appointed day arrived -- all too quickly and mouse was a bundle of pins and needles over going.  When she arrived at the office the staff tried to help mouse relax.  Then Daddy called.  The office.  To make sure that mouse was indeed there.  They assured him that she was and all was fine.  He told them then to be sure that mouse didn't leave the place without prescheduling all her follow-up appointments.

Went in for the exam and they remarked that despite not having been for such a long time, mouse's teeth were in pretty good shape.  They also remarked that she shouldn't waited for so long.   They wanted her back for two rather deep cleanings and a third time to replace some fillings and fill a rather small new cavity.  Then they started in about the wisdom teeth...yes mouse should really have them out...blah blah....

The dentist was nice but made no promises saying despite that fact they should be removed, the cavities were still rather small.  Tiny.  Yes, they could be filled the dentist thought.   Really?

He spoke with Daddy on the phone and explained about how nervous mouse was about having them out...and in his professional opinion so that mouse continues with good oral care, they do fill them for now and after a while worry about having them removed at a later date.  Much later.  We're talking years now...

So mouse boldly went where she hadn't in a long time.  Yes, she kept all her appointments and everything was fine until the final one.   Having those cavities filled (or refilled) wasn't fun but still mouse can't believe how much those shots hurt to numb everything up hurt and how long they lasted afterward. Suffice to say Daddy really had little sympathy for mouse.  Yes, he was right and mouse will NEVER ever put off going again.

Last night after our rituals mouse wondered if she'd be punished further by Daddy, he hadn't mentioned it and when the subject was brought up, he thought about it.  He decided that facing one's fear is a pretty big thing and that most fears are unreasonable -- plus the pain she had was enough, especially since it could have all been avoided by going more regularly all these years.  But he did caution if mouse ever pulled that again he wouldn't hesitate to punish her.  Will not say that mouse is totally unafraid but the fear has lessened.

Now there are no dentist worries until September.


  1. you are not the only one afraid of the dentist! the thought of it gives me goosebumps! I was once told to calm down that I was getting the kids all scared in the office, I was 32 at the time...*shrugs*

  2. I'm in regular touch with my dentist. I don't like it but it was necessary. I go every 2 years or so. I'm not scared merely irritated about taking the time. It's pesky.
    But I do have other fears like yours.
    And most fears are unreasonable! They say you need to confront your fears but.... *gulp*

    good that your fear has decreased a bit!


  3. mouse, not the dentist but there are similar things that I have a lot of anxiety about... I think for some things they should hand out valium

  4. mouse,

    Good for you for facing your fears, even though you really didn't have a choice. I did the same thing for several years. Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.


  5. I have an issue with going to the dentist too... also going to the doctor, and going to any kind of government type office, like the DMV or Social Security Office.

    I put off changing my last name for nearly 3 years because I couldn't bring myself to go do it... finally got that done today actually.

    So yeah, I know how you feel.

  6. I hate the dentist too! I have to take valium, and somebody has to drive me there and back home. I can't relax, and I turn my iPod up so I cannot hear the machines! I also wear sunglasses because the bright lights make me anxious. Arrrgh, hate going so much!

  7. Almost afraid to see what the dentist finds when we're finally able to go... it's been a lot longer than 7 years, unfortunately. You did good, though and at least now it's mostly over!



  8. Asvid -- Thanks and so happy mouse isn't the only one.

    Alujna -- Actually it's decreased a bunch and mouse's mouth feels sooooo much better!

    Ally -- Yes, or xannax, two please...LOL

    Serenity -- yep...but really never again...from now it's every 6 months for this one!

    Alice -- ugh the DMV...holy crap that spoke to mouse's soul. Honestly avoided and can't say why for as long as mouse could when she moved here getting a new DL. Truthfully cannot really say why it was that way. Just weird.

    New to this life...Thanks!

    Stormy -- Oh that was Daddy's next move, drive her there and hold her hand. The iPod only helped so much but it did sorta.

    turiya -- good oral health really shouldn't be ignored and this mouse learned it the hard way.

    thanks for all the comments!


  9. I find injections worse than having a filling without them so I never have them for fillings. If the cavity is small there doesn't need to be any shots.

  10. Malcolm,

    Absolutely unfortunately they had to dig out older fillings and replace them...Could feel a little with numbing stuff, can't imagine how bad it would have felt without it...



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