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Monday, April 25, 2011


Good morning,

Busy weekend and even busier Monday, just trying to settle sometimes is hard.  After a horrible, busy weekend and suddenly Monday comes around and you feel...well more tired than you were on Friday.

At least that's how mouse feels.  Just mentally exhausted and drained -- and really for no really stellar reasons either.

So, ya the sun will come out tomorrow....Unless you live in the Pacific North-west where mouse is convinced we'll never ever see the sun again.  Well, you get the idea.

Also late this morning in posting this...sorry mouse is aware the faithful readers have their routine they like to follow.  So hugs and thoughts for a better tomorrow!


  1. I have tired Mondays, they're the worst.

    At least three times this weekend I asked myself when am I going to learn to say no?

    See if you can work a nap into all the clean up today.


  2. Ooh, I know that feeling, it's like never actually getting a break from anything!
    I do hope the sun comes out again sometime soon.

  3. Master and I also live in the Pacific Northwest. We had two days of sun last week - the first in months. Now today we have "storm warnings" due to the huge amount of rain that's anticipated. Fun times. Hopefully we'll both be seeing the sun again soon.


  4. Silly girl *hugs*... love ya...


  5. Hoping by now mouse, you are well rested and feeling restored.

  6. Mouse,
    I decided to skip Monday all together. So I understand completely. Hope Tuesday is better for both of us.



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