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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One less toilet to flush...

Good morning,

Guess the planets are insistent that mouse remodel one room in the house.   Why?  Because the toilet upstairs started spewing shit.  Literally shit.  Seriously mouse expected to hear a voice saying, "get out" and the walls to drip blood.  The plumber came out and find why and also discovered the toilet has a crack.  So he feels we might as well replace it.


So there'll be one less toilet to flush and clean until it's all fixed.  Heh.  So and since that's happening anyway, mouse is off to Home Desperation to look and price maybe a new flooring option for that floor and as long she's there, might as well check out the tubs and vanities.  Oh and already started tearing down the flowery wallpaper left by the previous owner.  That's a DIY thing...ya...Daddy calls it sweat equity and seems to think mouse can lay tile since she's so good on her knees anyway.   Ok, mouse can go along with the wallpaper and might even pick up a paint brush because if we can save a few bucks here and there; mouse can buy better stuff...right... or at the very least hire someone else to be on their knees putting down tile.


As long as it's within the budget.


  1. Oh my goodness! That must have been the worst mess to clean up, with the toilet spewing poo... it makes me gag just to think of the possible mess you had to deal with. Perhaps the toilet was protesting his room not being made over ;).

  2. Tile is much easier than you think, mouse. Years ago my mother and I did her entire kitchen floor. It looked beautiful, and lasted forever (or at least until her tastes changed). They have lovely colored grouts now, that don't show nearly as much dirt as the old white grouts.

  3. one less toilet to flush and clean *giggles*
    Sorry, couldn't resist :)
    I hope you do find it within your budget to find someone to do the tiling....
    (hoping you have a good day!)

  4. Alice - yes, it took a while and ya nasty. However, mouse did look pretty cute in her homemade hazmat outfit. Really weird, but that bath was NEVER on the makeover, it's super small and no one really uses it unless they stay over.

    Little monkey - Ya, tile isn't really so bad, but in a bathroom there are lots of things to cut around....and truthfully mouse isn't the greatest with power tools. Right now the bane of mouse's existence is the freaking wallpaper. So don't want the added expense of new drywall, although it would make the whole thing easier.

    Alujna - oooh ya, the best part in it all is that the bath is super small, so mouse thinks it won't be too bad. And ya, mouse totally doesn't mind not cleaning it.


  5. A poltergeest? (yes, that was misspelled on purpose) LOL... Bathrooms are so much fun...

    Sorry... not laughing at you... with you... I swear....



  6. Spewing shit is nasty. Ours does that sometimes, then the pipe to the septic tank has to be cleaned out with a long length of hard plastic tubing. It comes back out of the pipe all shitty, you haven't to be afraid of handling shit and fortunately neither Rose nor I are afraid of it. Plumber, you are saying? Don't make me laugh.

    The last time shit happened the clean-out didn't work, so we had to take the top off the septic tank and poke about in the inlet pipe, the details of which I had forgotten.

    In the end, I decided more radical action was needed, cycled into town and asked the septic tank man ("Poso Negro", no idea what that means) to come and empty ours since it hasn't been emptied for 20 years, and he drove up backwards with a big truck and a couple of strong young men who also were not shit-scared and the pump in the truck sucked it all up in about 30 minutes. Top back on, useless plastic tubing left in the hot sun to dry then coiled up, hands washed: back to normal.

  7. I'm sorry for your messy room but thank you for the laugh this morning. Try using a mixture of hot water and laundry softener to get the wallpaper off.


  8. turiya - really kinda bubbled up in that sinister bad movie kinda way. LOL

    Malcolm - Wow never thought mouse would be kinda jealous of having a septic tank. Our problem was just a clogged sewer line, which the plumber took care of...The cleanup however was all mouse.

    Heather1 - Thanks for the tip...will certainly try because in some areas it seriously peels right off but in others...OMG

    Thanks for all the comments,


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