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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Less mouse

Good morning (or afternoon depending the time zone),

Did all the usual stuff this morning and only now did mouse realize she forgot to blog.  The bathroom is slowly moving forward, but also since it's not a needed bathroom, mouse is in no hurry to finish it.  It'll get done eventually.

Did spend a long time cleaning the other bathrooms in the house.  Bleh, almost made mouse wish those toilets would erupt -- Ok not really because that mess isn't something mouse wants to repeat anytime soon.

Had a great talk with Daddy last night during the evening rituals, weird because even tho we talk about everything sometimes it feels like we're just filling space.  Last night was different.  Kinda like a cathartic sharing of all our thoughts and feelings.  It was deep and intimate.

Can't really think of much else to write about...lately it's like everything's been said.

There's no feeling of angst and really more feelings of peace.  Trying to get into touch with mouse's vulnerable side and it's working, handing over all the fears to Daddy.  Trusting that he'll know what to do with those fears...It just works for us.  It has deepened the slavery and submission in mouse greatly.  Which is odd because most of our BDSM type stuff has stopped.  We're just not doing the hot scenes in the basement anymore.  Yet he keeps mouse balanced and focused with his words, his actions...

That invisible leash that connects us, tethers and binds mouse to him.  It's nice and comforting and gives mouse a strong feeling of peace.


  1. nice to hear you so contented and peaceful, mouse. i hope things stay that way for you both.


  2. Yes mouse, rituals are so useful even though they sometimes feel meaningless, they give space for something to happen if it's the right time for it.

    I would like to have some more rituals, we don't have much, just my reading to Rose at bedtime. No discussion. Not sure what else to set up. What are yours?

  3. Just a :) and a *big hug*


  4. It sounds mouse, like you are very content and happy just now...its so lovely to read:)

  5. I am glad things are going well my friend Hugs

  6. rose - thing are wonderful between us.

    Malcolm - Thank you Sir, actually Daddy wants to mouse to write more about our evolving rituals.

    turi - thanks so much

    a hidden slave - Very content and it's nice to feel balanced.

    Tiffany - Thanks so much!

    Heather1 - It's really better than mouse thought

    Thanks everyone!


  7. Yeah, that invisible leash ties us to them in ways a physical one never can.
    And those deep talks are my favorite :)
    Hope you have more of them..



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