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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Evolution of rituals

Good morning,

As mouse promised yesterday mouse will start to explain the evolution of our rituals.  They were, in the past mostly pain based, but now they're more grounded in what Daddy really wants mouse to learn.

The evening ritual is the most important and the most fun.  It begins with mouse undressing and kneeling before the tub area, mouse keeps a deck of Tarot cards, which she then shuffles and picks the top card off the deck.  Now, it needs to be said that mouse doesn't know a lot about the cards and their real meaning, she mostly goes by what she feels when she sees them.  The cards she currently has (because Daddy got rid of her last set -- smiles demurely) are actually quite visually striking and mouse did take some time looking at all the cards.  If mouse does want more information about a particular card she does have a companion book but hardly ever looks at it.

Daddy watches as mouse as she does all this.  Then he starts the water for her bath, sometimes she'll continue meditating almost mindlessly getting into the tub, but mostly she'll just put the card back and put the deck aside.  He'll sit on the edge of the tub (sometimes depending on how early it is, he'll climb in too) and we'll talk about the day.  What worked, what mouse needs to work on for tomorrow.  We discuss our communication for the day, other issues we might's very free flowing and wonderful.

He will lay out any nightgowns or whatever mouse is wear to bed.

The biggest change is that mouse no longer must ask permission to enter the bed.  In bed we discuss the focus rules and the blog post for the that day (if there was one).  We talk through the whole thing, why mouse chose to write about it, what the thought process was....he loves hearing about all of it.

Eventually if there's nothing else on his mind (often there is) mouse will curl up next to him and fall asleep.

The morning rituals are rather unchanged except that Daddy wishes mouse to meditate before starting the day.  Then she blogs, makes coffee and wakes Daddy.   Still fixes him breakfast while he showers and dotes on him shamelessly!


  1. Wishing you all the best,

    love, cassie

  2. you meditate, blog and make coffee before you wake him? And make breakfast(!) My God woman when do you get up??! Wow you're good *impressed and slightly envious*

    Kudos to you -I would never manage!

  3. cassie- thanks!

    NewToThisLife07 - lol....ya, mouse's morning starts around 5AM! The morning meditation doesn't really take too long. The blog is written while mouse waits for coffee. Breakfast is planned out the night before, so it's ready to go. Daddy wakes @ 6:15AM most days.

    Thanks for the comments!


  4. All this is very good to read mouse

  5. Malcolm - thank you, feeling very contained!


  6. The evening ritual sounds wonderful. It makes me wish Master and I had a decent-sized bathtub.

    Good luck with everything new!

  7. I hope our ritual evolves as well as yours have. I did tell you that your ritual is the one we based ours on, didn't I? Thank you both. ;D

  8. mouse...this sounds lovely and very "connected".


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