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Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh what a Friday

Good Monday morning,

Friday was just one of those days...Daddy wanted to celebrate Shabbat.  For those of you not familiar with Jewish customs, Shabbat is the sabbath, very important to Jewish people.  It begins just before sundown and ends when the three stars rise in the sky Saturday evening.  Well, mouse tried making the bread (challah) which didn't come very at all.  

Then mouse cooked and everything was good but then she kinda overcooked the chicken.  Oh just a little bit.  So mouse turned panic-strickened other friend turiya, who logically suggested improvisation was required, mouse ran to the market and got challah, two loaves and a chicken.   Crisis kinda averted.  Well, until mouse got home and realized she didn't have candles.  

Ya...forgot about the candles...special ones just for the Shabbat.  

Everything was fine and Daddy appreciated mouse's effort but she really felt that she let him down.

Just a side note there are some really big changes coming down, all are fantastic. But they also might prevent mouse from blogging as often.


  1. Aw sounds like you did your best mouse. Will you prepare for Shabbat every Friday?


  2. I am sure you know this, but with something as ritualized and specific as Shabbat you can't be expected to get it perfect every time. Life happens. Burnt chicken happens. Ruined Challah happens. Forgotten candles... well, with everything else you were dealing with I'm not surprised you forgot the candles!

    There is always next Shabbat!



    PS I shall be sad not to see your regular daily posts, but I totally understand and look forward to reading the posts you do get around to.

  3. That chicken was store-bought? hm. I suppose I should not be too shocked.

    Jesting aside mouse, the meal was a wonderful first attempt. This week and the weeks which follow shall become easier. I did take note of the box of candles ;-)

    You make me proud always, candles, destroyed Challah, dehydrated chicken or no. You made the effort and came through shining as brightly as Venus in the night sky.


  4. Don't think you did bad for a first effort... you're way too hard on yourself. :-D It's a lot to learn in a short time... but at least you'll have the practice every week and it will keep getting better and better.



  5. Daddy,

    Thanks sooooo very much...mouse really needed to hear that.



    k -- yes, every Friday unless it falls around another holiday...then it's different according to Daddy.

    Alice -- got a box of candles so at the very least that will NEVER ever happen again. Also now, have a standing order at a Jewish bakery for each week. Who knew?

    turiya -- Yes it wasn't too bad. Already prepping for this week.


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