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Friday, May 27, 2011

Daddy, comments and more....

Good morning,

Daddy came through his surgery fine yesterday and today he's starting the healing process.   After spending many many hours at the hospital with him, mouse returned home to a very empty house, except for the dog.  After a glass of wine and some relaxing, mouse finally checked her emails...and thought about posting.....

There on the dashboard were two comments, well as it turned out one comment from the same person.  Apparently too stupid to understand how comment moderation works.   They left the comment during the day while Daddy was having his surgery...

It read:  

If he dies in surgery will you finally start talking like a human, and not in 3rd person?

Seriously?  What kind of misanthropic person leaves a comment like that?  Truly such a person is genuine hater of people.  To actually say something like that....regardless of how you feel about the way this blog is written to actually spew such hatred toward another human.  

It put mouse in a weird quandary since she's not allowed to self-moderate anonymous comments ever.  Yet she's calling the person out on her blog...just for the very rudeness of the comment.  If he dies...?

If Omega had died, this blog would end.  There would be no reason to continue it.  It would eventually vanish from the blogosphere because there'd be no point to EVER return to it.  Could take many years for that to happen, but eventually blogger will change something and send out an email, which would never be looked at, that would say all the words would vanish unless the account holder logs in (it's happened in the past).  

What part anonymous person don't you comprehend.  He is OMEGA...the end of the line.  He dies and the journey ends.  Yes, there are some optimistic types that would say...oh a new journey would begin -- bullshit!  There wouldn't be any more journey, and certainly no point to writing.  There will never EVER be another who would Master or even begin to take that task. You wouldn't have to worry about reading any offending use of language because there would be no point to writing.  Privately, nothing would change and all Omega's rituals and commands would be followed until old age would prevent them from being done.  

Formspring Friday

Which ironically connects to a formspring question mouse received about when she started the third person talk...

Hi Mouse. I love your blog, but having read through some of the initial entries, I have a question. When did you begin to speak in 3rd person and what prompted it? I'm curious about the process. If you've written about this before, could you direct me to

When Omega commanded it of mouse, more than a year ago, because he enjoys it when mouse writes that way, and he enjoys it when mouse speaks in that way....and she does it almost all the time.  Really!  Most people don't notice it all.  It's not like mouse goes around saying....well mouse says this or's much more subtle than that.  You keep your answers short and to the point.  Someone asks a question and you answer it....or you ask a question...  You just leave off the "I think," or "I see..."  It's really that simple. 

As to the process, well that was started actually by Alpha who would wrap mouse with a ruler if she misspoke.  If she slipped and used a pronoun such as, "I" he'd hit her on the hand with the ruler.   It was like Catholic school.  It took many years after his death to start using the "I" again and kinda ironically it was abolished by Omega just when it had become comfortable.  Thank you for the question it's one that's really never been addressed in a formal way on the blog.  

Ask me anything!


  1. Oh mouse, so sorry that you have to read such a hateful message. Some people are just sick, social misfits, that take joy in creating unhappiness and turmoil. I know this comment angered and hurt you. Let it roll off and move on.


  2. So sorry that you had to read that comment. Wish the chicken would come forward & not hide behide annonomois. To you annonomois - you are a small minded jerk.

    Mouse, hugs to you & glad Omega is on the mend.

  3. I'm glad that he's okay, and that you are, too.

    And oh my god on that comment! Just yikes... that is the bad thing about putting yourself out there online is you have to deal with crazy, mean people. But I'm really glad you do because I get a lot out of it, and other people also. Hopefully you can brush him/her off easily enough.

  4. I am So glad it all went well mouse.

    Please, don't give a second thought to your commenter from yesterday. He or she obviously didn't give a first thought to what they said to you. Imagine how very unhappy this poor person is, if they need to lash out like this.
    The anonymity of the internet gives too many people the license to be incredibly rude and unkind in ways they would never be if they were face to face. I imagine their mother would be shocked by their behavior.

    Anyone who reads your blog for more than a moment can tell how deeply you and O are connected, and how much you love each other. Send O my best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  5. we who know you both are very happy to hear Omega is doing well.

  6. What an awful person. :(

    But some of the things you wrote in response were so moving. It nearly made me cry. That is the kind of love poets try to capture.

    In fact I think I might have to go afk to sniffle a bit...

  7. I am so glad that Omega is on the mend and doing so well!

    It's a damn shame that you came home to find that comment. I wish the nurses at the asylum would pay closer attention to what the inmates are up to online.

    It was my formspring question you answered mouse, and I thank you so much for doing it. You help a lot of subs (and Doms, I imagine!). Don't let the idiots get you down. We love you.

    My best wishes to you and Omega,

  8. Mouse,
    I am very sorry this kind of ignorance and meanness got through to you. I hope you are able to let it roll off, and i hope O recovers quickly.

  9. Mouse, i'm so sorry that you had to come home to a comment like that. i've found that 99% of comments are wonderful and supportive and make me feel stronger...the other 1%...well, they have a way of arriving at the worst possible times.

    i use third person on kytten's corner for similar reasons, but switch to first in comments. i don't know how well i do it, but i try very hard. Third person is a difficult way to write, especially at first, and i think you do it very, very well. It does get rid of a lot of the hemming and hawing phrases like "i think," etc., which i have a terrible habit of using.

    As far as anonymous goes, i'd sic Omega on him/her when He feels up to it :) Very glad He is on the mend.


  10. A quote from a good friend seems appropriate~

    "just hugs!"

  11. Oh, mouse ! so sorry that you have to deal with such sick people...
    Please, consider the mass of people who truly loves the genuine way of life you have with Omega !
    W/we are so happy things unfolds positively for Omega !

    Thanks for being Y/you facing life as it is : with a light heart, a confident smile and a deep commitment toward Y/yourselves !

    All the best (from France! where many are not dangerously sick like this awful guy in NY)

  12. To Mice: your life will end withouth him, blah blah blah. No wonder he treats you like a dog, you have no human qualities, such as self survival.

    To Heather1: Learn to spell anonymous, and then I'll lower myself to deal with you.

    To Amber: I'm a 'him'...nothing else for you.

    To LittleApe: I'm happy. And you're so right, the internet allows us to be rude, whereas we wouldn't be in person. I'm not rude in person, I'm a well liked individual in my circle. It's so sad that tiny men, like this omega thing, actually are cruel in'd be so much better if they were only that way online in fantasy world.

    To All: Ummm, actually don't have anything to say, cause I don't care all that much.

  13. Here's another comment that you don't qualify to self-moderate, as obviously your 'master' thinks you're too dumb to handle it.

    The comment is: Writing in 3rd person makes you appear a little mental. Maybe that's why you're not allowed to live as a human.

  14. Oh, here's another comment that you're not allowed to moderate, since you don't have enough brain cells to think for yourself:

    If he died, and you spent your life living in homage to him...then you have SEVERE mental issues. A war was fought in this country to free the slaves. Unfortunately some people are sick enough to not agree with freedoms. Your filthy, disgusting, lower-than-a-man, omega, needs to move to a country where they accept brutes and where they allow slavery.

  15. Hedone is taking the proper zen balance attitude. This is why we love her.
    Should, however, you desire to hop in a car and go beat the asshole with a two by four, give me a call. I'll be right there.

  16. Want to bet it's the same rude anonymous that comments on mine? I agree with Little Monkey that the anonymity of the internet gives people the liberty to be utter assholes at times.

  17. I'm holding back on any comment toward that assh... I mean anonymous commenter until I contain my anger a bit. Okay... that won't happen, so I probably won't comment directly to him, but you know how I feel. I will say this... if people don't like what they read on a blog... why do they bother to read at all?

    I'll also say this... I've known you and Omega through the blogging world for nearly two years now. I know for a fact that he loves you more deeply than most men, vanilla or otherwise, can come close to loving their wives. I know this because of how he treats you but also because of things he's said directly to me. And I know your love for him runs just as deep... so...

    If 3rd person is something he loves... and it's something you feel comfortable with... then why... seriously, why should anyone else care? I actually envy the fact that you can speak in 3rd person so naturally and beautifully. Even when we're chatting, I don't even notice you're doing it. It's not until it's mentioned that I actually notice, and when I do notice... it's only the beauty of how you speak... the way it just flows. Okay... gunna shut up now!

    Love ya both... and so glad O is doing well.



  18. Oh and I'd also like to add... you know... in your defense... I think you handled this rather well. A lot better than I probably would have. *hugs*

  19. dear mouse -- I'm anonymous, but not that awful anonymous person! (I'm actually the same woman who shared the Thanksgiving recipe for "deconstructed Thanksgiving turkey")

    Anyway, I noticed something. Sir J at A Dominant Character also received some hateful anonymous comments -- very similar in tone -- from some bored narrow-minded person who was home sick from work and stumbled across His blog. I think it was the same day as yours. I wonder if it was the same person?

    Best to you and your dear Omega.

  20. Oh, so she's found her way here too? She was over at Sir J's earlier, so I guess we'll be seeing her around (unless she actually goes back to work tomorrow and forgets about us "terrible people") -never mind, eh?
    It was despicable what she said to you though mouse!
    I'm glad surgery went well and that he's on the mend -please send Omega my well wishes! And please don't let that bi**h get to you!
    Take care and be well (both of you)!
    Sweet girl.

  21. Hey everyone and nice anonymous...Thanks for all the lovely comments...Daddy is doing very well tonight and mouse heading back to the hospital soon.

    As to the anonymous research paper writing person...if you actually read mouse's blog you'd find there a post BY OMEGA on the term slavery...this very topic on the term slave was covered by him....

    You might want to search for it...oh heck...

    Here's the URL...

    Hugs to all the wonderful people...Can't begin to express how much mouse cares for you all....


  22. I'm so sorry, dear mouse (and Omega), to use your blog to speak to someone else, but I simply cannot *abide* the foolishness I've addressed below. You're free to delete this if you feel it's unproductive; I won't mind or be offended at all.

    Anonymous, with regard to what you said to Heather1: "learn to spell anonymous, and then I'll lower myself to deal with you." My dear, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you're already there. Perhaps this will prove helpful:

    * "Him" should have double quotation marks around it, not single.
    * "Well-liked" should be hyphenated, as should most compound adjectives which precede the noun they modify. (Those which follow the noun do not need to be hyphenated.)
    * If you use "cause" as an abbreviation for "because," it should have an apostrophe before it. Otherwise you're using the word "cause," meaning "source or root."

    And in reference to your vitriolic posts on Sir J's blog:

    * The first word in a sentence is always capitalized.
    * An ellipsis is a punctuation mark unto itself. It consists of *three* periods separated by spaces, and it is usually used in dialogue to indicate that a thought is trailing off. In scholarly writing, it's used to indicate that text has been omitted from a quotation.
    * The word "latter" is spelled with two "t"s. With one "t," it is an adjective or adverb meaning "subsequent" or "following."
    * If you like, I could provide you with links to Web sites where you could practice avoiding run-on sentences.
    * The construction is "has to be hidden," not "has to be hid."
    * If you're going to use text-speak such as "u," use it consistently. Or don't.

    My advice on your rhetoric: comment on the lifestyle if you wish, but do NOT call someone else's intelligence into question based on their use of a medium that you also have difficulty using. To do so is to call into question your own intelligence, which detracts from your ethos.

  23. Anonymous said:

    To All: Ummm, actually don't have anything to say, cause I don't care all that much.

    To Anonymous: Shut the fuck up, then.

  24. Kytten...LOVE your could anything so well organized not be worthy of publishing?

    Anonymous #3(?) Right on!

    Hugs to you both!

  25. :) anonymous #3 was my Lyon.

  26. So glad to hear that Omega is doing well. I hope his recovery is short and without complications.

    As the the rest of the anon comments...I think most of you know exactly what I would say, so I'll leave it at that.


  27. That was a very poor choice of comment on that persons part. I am however glad that Omega did well in surgery. That is also an interesting story about the 3rd person writing. I like to read your posts and hardly notice the third person, but it truly makes it a little more interesting to read. It never sounds like a "me me me" blog (like mine lol)
    It was also very nice of you to take down your post from today because of one persons issues. I read the comment about the "mid west and houses flying". I would have respectfully declined to remove the post myself. I understand people are going through difficult times but for someone to say that you cannot use a Wizard of Oz reference because they are offended is actually quite rude considering it is your blog and not everything in the world revolves around them.

    You really are a sweet mouse :)

  28. Nadia,

    Thanks for the nice things you said about the blog and the support. In truth mouse doesn't want readers becoming offended by a simple and apt quote mouse used from The Wizard of Oz. The person the post was directed at has no power here anymore.

    There's just been enough hard feelings brought up by all this unpleasantness. Daddy is actually coming home very soon, so it seems mouse will be handing this matter over to him.

    Again, thank you so much for your support and reading!


  29. ooops that should have read Naida not Nadia...stupid iPad auto-corrected it...

    well could have been worse ;-)


  30. That's not a problem mouse, would you believe I didn't even notice? It happens often so I am never offended :) Heck, even I said it wrong when I first picked it because of being used to Nadia and not Naida as a persons name.

  31. I find it odd that anonymous cannot seem to keep their own lies straight as to their own gender (they claimed to be female elsewhere). Especially sad they seem it their personal duty to pester many other journals.

    I suppose most telling however, is their preoccupation with my death, while berating another for an off-handed Wizard of Oz comment.

    The arguments make little sense. I believe they must suffer from an acute mental illness and require an intervention of sorts. They seem to relish in creating havoc, however all that demonstrates is their own lack of control in their personal life.

    Serve well,

  32. Mouse,

    Sorry someone sent those hateful messages. I hope both you and Omega are still doing well and that the healing process is as painless as possible.


  33. Dear mouse, and Omega --
    I am glad to read that the surgery was successful and that recovery is underway. As for the ugliness, it is simply evidence that there are people out there who do not possess the basic courtesies of any well brought-up child. I hope it does not create too much distress for you and that you will be able to focus on the things that are really good and really important in your life.

    All the best,

  34. Dear mouse,
    I am so glad to hear that Omega is doing so well and will be returning home soon.
    The positive comments that your have only go to show how well regarded and loved you are by so many people .
    Lets be honest .... if you wanted to type in Martian, its your blog, you can do as you like.
    One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was "By given someone space in your head, you give them some worth".
    Like many people we come across in life, we have to decide if we want someone to have any worth, to place any value on their opinion, to use valuable time and emotional energy considering what they say to have an impact on our lives. I think in the case it would be a BIG FAT NO!:)

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion; its what you do with it and how you voice it that that is an indication of the type of person you are and whether anyone else should value it.

    Its great to see so many people speak up in support of you, and I feel leaving the comment on there shows great self belief and strength.
    As always, hugs


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