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Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday morning....

Good morning,

It's Monday and for those of us in the US a holiday, a time set aside to honor our fallen soldiers, but its also a time to usher in the all important barbecue season and wearing white shoes...It's also a reminder that Labor is day just far enough away to not be worried.   Daddy had called and said he was being discharged and mouse scurried over to the hospital to get him.  We talked in the car about his distain for hospitals, the waking you up in the night to check vitals, etc.  Daddy was more than happy to be out of there.  He was more than happy to be coming home.  When he came through the door, immediately asked for his laptop and went straight to mouse's blog,  he expressed this is not how he would have handled the situation to mouse.  He also reminded mouse that he makes decisions as to which comments are posted.  Naturally mouse argued that the comment was too rude for words.

Unmoved by mouse's pleas, he set about making changes a post was removed, he closed comments on a few other posts and he blocked anonymous comments, while mouse said nothing about the post removal, she did argue for anonymous comments -- many people indeed leave positive ones.  Why should the act of one ruin things for everyone?  He was unmoved by it.  He also reminded mouse of the rules regarding the blog and moderation of comments.  He has provided her a list of regular readers that she can moderate herself anything outside that realm is up to him and he made mouse write lines to remind her of that.  He watched as mouse did as told.  Later in bed, we shifted our sleeping positions so that mouse could cuddle against him without bothering his knee.  When sleep finally claimed us both mouse was secure in the nook of his body...

It is wonderful to be so cherished.

Today, at least for us, will be a normal day around here.  Daddy will rest, do his exercises and maybe catch a baseball game on TV and mouse will do her chores, go to the gym and serve her Daddy.

Just want to add a heartfelt thanks to all the people who commented on mouse's behalf and defended not only the lifestyle but mouse.  Thank you all so very much, mouse is truly lucky to have so many people that care.   Yes, things should have been handled differently while Daddy was away and another important lesson was learned...

Thank you all for being here for mouse on her journey.


  1. Glad to hear Omega is home. He is such an anchor!

  2. Happy to hear Omega is home. Have a great day with him.

  3. I am happy for you that he is back. Sounds like he wants to remind you who is in charge. My husband does that too.

  4. I'm nodding as I read this. I kind of thought that was what had happened. I'm glad Omega is home and seems to be ok. Wishing him a speedy recovery, sin

  5. Glad he's back home and everything is going good. I have emailed you the sites girlfriend.

  6. I'm sorry someone was so rude on your comments. I think it is very unfortunate that people try to use the anonmymity of the internet to be mean.

    But I am very happy that Omega is home! :)


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