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Monday, May 9, 2011

Of mouse and men

Good morning and a late happy mother's day to all the moms out there,

Yesterday was fun mouse had her annual mother's day luncheon here at the house.  So many of mouse's friends for years were really kinda ignored on Mother's Day by their husband's mouse started the tradition.  It's kinda amazing how many men just do the basic minimum of what they need to do.  They send flowers to their moms and to their wives, but that's about it.  Yanno, cause the flowers include a card.

This isn't all men, some go all's just in mouse's experience those are pretty rare...

This year mouse invited her female in-laws to the event and that was fun.  Naturally Lucy was there too (Schroeder is a send flowers kinda guy and NEVER knows what else to do) and a few others.  We had a lot of fun tho, mostly because the guys left us all alone, with our mimosas and chick flicks -- Under the Tuscan Sun was a fun movie to watch.  We also watched Eat Pray Love.

The big surprise came on Saturday and not Sunday.

Daddy decided to do something special for mouse, so he baked a cake.

From scratch.

Made his own frosting.

From scratch using real sugar.

Chocolate cake, with dutch cocoa (only the best dutch cocoa)  With mocha AND chocolate frosting.

Ya, he made two types of frosting.

The layer cake had 4 layers!

He also piped (yes piped) some frosting around the bottom and made little rosettes on the top.  On top of those, he put a chocolate covered coffee bean.

Now, mouse is confident your mental image is much better than it actually came out.  One side of the cake had waaaay more frosting than the other, because it had a definite slant and needed to be equalized.  The piping, well, Martha Stewart has nothing to worry about.

But the best part...the really bestest part?  He and the child, cleaned up!  Whoa no mess.   And ya, mouse was worried.

Daddy followed the recipe and it tasted really good.

And every woman there just raved when they learned that he made it.

Including his own mother.

Clearly the man is really full of surprises.


  1. i love it when They do the little things that give us such a loving suprise. The image your cake produced made my mouth water. i am glad you had a nice day mouse , you deserved it .

  2. A Mothers Day luncheon sounds like a wonderful tradition.
    Wow cake and clean up, now that's what I call really special!

  3. You will remember that cake until the day you die, won't you? You are one lucky mouse. That was an incredibly thoughtful and loving gesture.


  4. How sweet!

  5. Awwe Surprises, especially clean ones are great :) Sounds like Mothers day was great for you mouse! And I'm sure you deserve it.

    I especially love Under the Tuscan sun, I watch it a couple times a month hehe.

  6. Nothing sexier than a big scary dom with a big bowl of frosting. Mmmmm sounds tasty!

  7. :-D Glad you guys had fun! And glad the cake turned out yummy!



  8. I have no problem with one side of a cake having an inch more frosting than the other ... as long as my piece comes from the loaded side!!


  9. How lovely mouse.....i think it would have been the cleaning up would have made me go all gushy and gooey too. Sounds like a lovely day.

  10. I love that he baked you a cake! I want my piece from the same side as Jz's!

  11. Sexiest (non-sexual) (ok floggings and such must be considered sexual here) thing a man can do...bake and vaccuum!

  12. What a wonderful man you have, there are very rare and special.


  13. Ooh la la. It's one thing to make cake, it's an extra great gift of love to leave a clean kitchen when done.


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