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Friday, August 19, 2011

mouse on a wheel...

This week has been hellishly busy and mouse feels like she's been running on one of those mouse wheels all week long. Seriously, what happened to Monday? Tuesday?? There was some blinking involved because when mouse next opened her eyes, it was Friday and Daddy was calling to say he wanted to have an impromptu get-together at Casa de Omega.

Tonight!! No less and to make sure the meal is kosher. Oy vey!

And not to mention the house isn't exactly company ready. So it started, mouse running around making the house presentable and made an emergency trip to the butcher.

Not it demands saying you really need to be on good terms with a good butcher...he was able to hook mouse up and it's ready to go into the oven. Stopped at the market and picked up the other stuff needed for dessert, and even had time to stop at the dry cleaners and the florist.

Now of course the final touches will be cleaning the kitchen, setting the table and doing all the regular things.

Just in case anyone is curious...

First course

Assorted olives, nuts and grapes

Second course

Charred pepper salad

Burn the skins of red, yellow, green and orange bell peppers on cooktop, remove skins and slice, discarding seeds. Toss with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin.

Third course

Eggplant soup

Take two whole eggplants and put in oven to roast for 45 minutes. In the meantime take one onion, some fresh garlic, celery (2 ribs or more), couple carrots, cut so they're similar in size and cook until they begin to soften. Add pulp from eggplant and chicken stock about 6 cups. salt, pepper, cumin, smoked paperika, and whatever other spices sound good. Some add cream.

Main course

Pot roast with baked potatoes

Dredge roast in flour, salt and pepper and brown on all sides. Cut up two cups each of onion, celery and carrots. Three cloves of garlic, minced. Place roast on a platter and toss in veggies. Cook the veggies until tender. De-glaze pot with red wine, or cognac (or both) two cups total and two cups of good chicken stock or more. Take about 4 sprigs of rosemary, 20 sprigs of thyme tied together, two bay leaves and half cup of minced parsley. Return meat to pot, add 1 large 28oz can of whole tomatoes (Roma). Bring all to simmer. Cover and bake in oven for about two hours.

Prep potaoes, scrub, wash and put in oven for about an hour (can be done while roast cooks)

Horseradish, chive and sour cream topping. Pint of sour cream, a nice bunch of chives chopped, grate horseraddish and mix together. If using prepared horseradish about a tablespoon. Mix thoroughly adding a little pepper and maybe salt, to taste. Great on potatoes. Not really kosher tho...

Dessert course

bread pudding

Enjoy the weekend and mouse is hoping for left-overs.


  1. That meal sounds amazing. A few of them I can even make! (We are vegetarian) Congrats on pulling it together in a big way.

  2. Wow! And just imagine if you had time to plan!! You never cease to amaze me.

    Refresh my memory ~ where is your cooking blog?

  3. MMMMmmmm sounds yummy. I'll be there in a few. Oh and gonna try and fix that problem now... oh and also. You know it's weird typing on my keyboard after using the phone so much lately? LMAO



  4. WOW! That sounds delicious! I may be borrowing those recipes to use in the future.

    I'm sure everything turned out wonderfully! Hope you got to have some fun tonight! :)


  5. Sour cream? My eyebrows must have gone way up! I wouldn't have said anything though if you hadn't. It does all sound yummy!

  6. I am jaw-droppingly impressed with your 4 course meal, plus dessert. I have never even attempted something like that... never even occurred to me. Nice job!

  7. You are amazing! I'd slip into a stress coma at an impromptu dinner party..yipes. It sounds lovely..

  8. May i have some bread pudding, if there's any left over? :-)


  9. Sounds yummy, sorry I missed it. Any leftovers?


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