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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dear Mr Fantasy

The last night before he went away we took some private time in our bedroom. He carefully sprawled mouse on the bed...He wordlessly looked at her, something that always mouse uneasy...there's no where for her to hide from him. He quickly stripped off his clothing and climbed on the bed towering over her. He gripped his cock and stroked it slowly. Mesmerized, mouse watched...

He told her to lace her fingers behind her neck, "Oh no," mouse said almost without thinking...

"No?" His lips twisted into smirk, "Are you refusing?"

"Not really," tentatively, mouse replied. Then laced her fingers and slipped them behind her head.

Stroking himself again, he told mouse to, mouse's motor is humming and watching him do that just makes it worse...she wants to touch caress suck and worship him...and he won't let her!!

He teases mouse, bringing her to the edge of several orgasms...then left her teetering on the abyss.

At long last he allows her to orgasm...and hold him...clinging to him...not really wanting to ever let go.

Hours later, he's at the bottom of the stairs, foot tapping, bag in hand waiting for mouse.

He's always waiting for her it seems...

From upstairs, mouse appears...she sees the look on his face as she slowly descends the staircase (limping -- her knee revolts against stairs). Dressed in tight dark blue jeans, Jesus sandals, low cut top with the 'fuck me,' bra and he knows the matching panties...

He pulls her close to him, nibbles on her ear saying, "we really need to rethink your wardrobe." Carefully mouse presses herself against him and she feels him respond...

His eyes widen a little and drops his bag...

Even tho her knee hurts we bolt up the stairs for a very quick fuck...he forbids mouse from following him downstairs..Telling her if she does, he'll surely miss his flight....


  1. Thank you sweet slave for giving yourself so completely before I left. As I sit here in the crowded airport, I can still smell you. Such a pleasant treat.

    You have no idea how hungry for you I will be by Thursday night.

    Keep yourself safe in the meantime, 'till I return.


  2. Omg posted this on the wrong

    Ooooh Sir, mouse can still feel you,smell and taste you...missing you already...



  3. Perhaps it went on the wrong blog, but I for one, was quite happy to have an opportunity to read it.

    Sounds like a lovely way to begin your days apart.

  4. What a wonderful way to part and what a wonderful anticipation of reuniting!

  5. All of this, the blog, Omega's note and the response mouse gives, is wonderfully romantic and beings a happy smile to my face.

    Thank you so much.


  6. Ooh mouse is one lucky girl! Lol for the wrong blog -god haven't i been worried about that before (good thing i gave up the private one! Kinda minimizes the chances for error). I really liked this post, i hope it don't bother you too much it became public mouse. Omega it's wonderful to hear about how you cherish and love your mouse - even with the teasing. Have a safe journey being away. My Sir is travelling too, it makes me nervous eventhough i've never ever worried about flying before. Take care.


  7. Now thats what i call a good sending off lol

    best wishes
    tori x

  8. A truly lovely send off.

    Love and hugs to you both,

  9. The perfect good-bye! O i'm glad we got to hear it, even if it is on the wrong blog! lol



  10. Beautiful way to start your trip.


  11. So sweet - this made me smile.

  12. how very beautiful!

    there's another blog?

    1. Apologies to you Michael, a mixup occurred and your comment deleted, which has now been restored.

      Yes, there is another journal mouse and I keep privately. It is there, normally these types of very private meanderings are housed, rather away from prying eyes.

      However, mouse's error actually lifted the clouds of my thoughts. I normally am quite uncomfortable with very public displays and have asked mouse to curtail such talk. A bit of serendipity at work affording others to view a more personal moment.



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