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Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh Don't You Ever Be Sad

Daddy is creating a space for mouse where she feels so safe, it somehow causes her to become slightly unhinged. Now this isn't really a bad thing for mouse and Daddy understands it, but it can be rather unsettling feeling that loss of personal control to effect a change.

Soon, Daddy will be relaxed, his cell phone turned off and stowed along with his laptop. He will forgo ties, cufflinks and suits for shorts, swim trunks and sandals. He will sit on a beach with a tropical drink and let the sun darken his skin. He will swim, snorkel, and smile with ease. He will laugh when his children surprise him -- which they often do. He will marvel at nature and history. His mind will actually quiet and he will have fun (after all it's written in his blackberry).

And mouse? Well she'll be on the beach looking out for Jaws and afraid to go into the fucking water!


Someone on formspring asked mouse....

"Dear mouse,your and O's blog is such a treasure. Thank you for sharing your life with us readers. My question is, did Omega ever break up with you or pull away while you were dating? If so, how did you handle and get through it? If not, good!:) Hugs, anon"

Thanks for the compliment and yes...actually a few times. Once before mouse became involved with Alpha (Daddy was actually more or less the one mouse really wanted...he was cuter). We went out like once...but honestly it wasn't there. He was too focused on work at that time. So ya, he pulled back big time....

Then years later, after alpha's death, we kinda became involved -- we were always good friends, but we tried having a relationship and it was mouse who ended it. When we reconnected, don't know or aren't sure that he was pulling back from mouse. He would go months where we'd just see each other sporadically. And honestly, mouse didn't care, she wasn't looking for anyone to be in her life...ever. We seemed to have a good time when we went out...but maybe we were both a little leery.

"Hi mouse. Read your comments on other people's blogs on breaking. Would you want Omega to break you?"

Not the way alpha did. Really not sure how to reply to that, because it depends greatly on how breaking is defined. Already he has control over maybe in that way she already is?

"Do you still play with diaper domination?"

Sometimes, but only now when Daddy feels a course correction is needed.

Thanks for all the questions!!!!

Song selection: Hold On, I'm Coming; Sam and Dave


  1. laughing at the blackberry my case its the bossman and his damn iphone!

    I dont swim either well i cant swim which is bewildering considering i live right on the seaside, the beach is less than 5 mins walking from where i live.

    In my case its not the sharks lol but i just dont like the thought of all that openness around me and being out of my depth...besides sitting on the beach with a good book is better!

    have a great weekend

    tori x

    1. The movie Jaws truly scarred mouse for life! After that movie, ankle deep water was as far as mouse could go. Honestly, mouse really isn't one to lay on a beach for hours anyway...


  2. Oh mouse enjoy the beach and don't be afraid to go in the in South Florida less than a mile from gulf beaches...swam all the time, snorkeled, did all manner of water sports. It is soooo much fun. Just remember the sunscreen. However if on a Calif beach, I'd stay on land guys have jaws out there.

    Have fun

    1. Joyce,

      Thanks for your comment...Daddy loves to swim....Really mouse isn't that great. Lol. Ankle deep water is good enough...

      Added bonus don't need to worry about packing a swimsuit!


  3. Have a lovely time!!
    monkey girl can't swim in the ocean either without thinking of jaws!! lol.
    Don't know why I'm having a hard time picturing Omega in shorts and sandals...but can totally picture him typing 'have fun' in his blackberry or the itinerary. ;)
    As always, thank you for sharing so much.
    have fun,

    1. Mg,

      Yep, it's funny -- it takes mouse a while to adjust to seeing him looking really casual. Especially when he smiles a lot (he's never been a smiles easily kind of man). Seeing him odd.

      But yes, every moment is accounted for...

      It must be exhausting to be that organized.



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