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Friday, June 8, 2012

See Me Change

Last couple nights Daddy was busy, mouse just remained close to him in the evenings, quietly reading or serving him when he needed something. During rituals even he seemed preoccupied. At one point last night, mouse was sound asleep when Daddy woke her up, 2AM sex. Oh dear, mouse really really really wasn't in the mood and actually contemplated pretending to be in a deep sleep. Except when he touched between her legs and felt her dampness, her breathing quickened. Daddy pulled her toward his mouth and kissed her deeply saying that he couldn't sleep (he'd been too busy to screw the past couple nights and mouse was too tired to care). The groan was an error, Daddy grabbed mouse by her hair and pushed her head down.

Immediately mouse began to lick his shaft and suck on his balls, which he loves. Using even her hands, mouse stroked and touched, while her tongue swirled and teeth raked against his sensitive head. Daddy was groaning. His cock was so warm as it slipped into her mouth, his hands grabbed the sides of mouse's head, his hips bucked in her mouth, deep into her throat. A final squeeze of his balls, he held her down and shot down her throat,

"Tired now?" asked mouse glancing at the clock that now read 3:15 AM.

"Amazingly not at all," Daddy replied.

"Oh dear" replied mouse without thinking.

Daddy pushed mouse roughly onto her back, and began playing with her body, slowly methodically. He fingered her, feeling her wetness and brought his finger up to mouse's lips to taste. Then he snaked down her body and made her writhe with pleasure.

Several rapid fire orgasms later (seriously how does he do that) another hour had elapsed. He laid back in the bed, pulled mouse close and fell straight asleep.

Now mouse couldn't sleep and waited another hour before going downstairs to post this. The baby is awake now...

It's going to be a very long day!

With that in mind mouse decided to clean her virtual house and answer some questions on Formspring.

The first question was about why mouse reverted to referring to Daddy as Sir for a while in the blog. That was just mouse's own weirdness at play. It felt odd calling him Daddy for some reason, might have to do with Babygirl or other feelings mouse had at that time.

We were at that time going through some fluctuations in dynamic which were likely the deeper culprit for those feelings. When he felt the time was right he did say that he rather missed mouse calling him Daddy. He said something like out of all things mouse has referred to him as, Daddy seemed to fit the best...that was a bit surprising for mouse to hear. But the more mouse considered that...the more she realized he was right. Daddy just fits, his feelings for mouse and her feelings for him.

Next question: So I'm new at this and I was wondering about how you deal with outside stress and still make Him happy. You seem like you have a good handle on this and I would like some advice if you don't mind terribly.

Regardless of how horrible mouse's day is, it always brightens when Daddy comes home (even if his mood is just awful). Doing those little things for him, like preparing a nice meal, keeping the house quiet (or trying to, he certainly appreciates the effort in that), having a beverage waiting, pampering him a bit. He'll sometimes ask about mouse's day and she'll almost always reply, "So SO much better now that you're home."

Just like doing those 5 things helps to rejuvenate mouse's focus on him when the daily grind or stress begins to get the better of her. And of course we all have moments of stress or confusion or downright angst. But focusing on Daddy helps keep mouse afloat.

hey mouse!great blog.I have a question. do u call omega daddy/sir/master in real life? does it bring up questions from ur kids etc?

Yes, mouse does call him Daddy most of the time. Often in front of the kids, who don't really seem care one way or another. His mother doesn't have an issue with it or thinks its odd in the least. Most people don't seem to care one way or another that she does.

Having said that, there are places where it could be inappropriate to regard ones husband in a too familiar way -- work related social events come to mind. We deal with that.

When speaking to others about him mouse normally refers to him by name. When speaking to him, he's Daddy.

hey mouse- why is your name suddenly mostly mouse? just curious :)

For a while we experimented with just sharing the one profile, "Omega and mouse" and even tho mouse would sign her name people would often attribute her remarks as being from him. Silly yes? So when he does occasionally leave comments, he began to use his old profile. This is where things gets confusing...

On our blog, we merged all his former posts from his blog (Not so) Random Thoughts...into this blog with the common posting name, Omega and mouse. When the confusion became aware (not so much on our blog, but when commenting on other people's blogs which mouse would do frequently), he began using his own profile and suggested that mouse change the Omega and mouse one to something else.

And mouse certainly can't take credit for his words (new or old) and rather than delete them or annotate them for clarity sake, Daddy decided that mouse just name her "mostly mouse." This is mostly for the purpose of leaving comments on other people's blogs and really doesn't apply to the blog in general -- except for where Daddy's words are concerned.....

It's all very confusing. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them.

Hi mouse. Does your Daddy kiss you after you suck him off?

Not sure where you're going with question. Is it a homophobia thing? Will he kiss mouse after she's given him a blow job...yes...sometimes. He doesn't care. He'll kiss mouse after his mouth has been down there on mouse too...

Song Selection: The Changling; The Doors


  1. I was actually wondering about mostly mouse myself, but only when I was commenting or had cause to use your name. I like the alliteration.

    For the last person, it is very nice to kiss after a blow job. I don't know why. An odd question, but it gave me a smile.

    Thanks for the sex snippet and the Q&A - a twofer. :)

  2. I saw mostly mouse and I ... pretty much gathered exactly what you've explained there.

    Long days after too little sleep are so, so long. At least the weekend approacheth! I can't sleep right after lots of orgasms either - feel more talkative and joyful for quite some time afterward.

  3. Smiles... very sweet and good explanations mouse, thank you!

  4. I've often called H Daddy over the years and even now. It's never been thought of as weird. The monkeys call him Dad/Daddy and so it seems normal that I would too...i.e. "go ask Daddy if he wants to...". All very normal, even in public.
    Thought the last question was a bit weird...maybe just me though.
    :) mg

  5. My MIL calls her husband, Mistress' dad, Daddy quite often. In a very vanilla way, I think it's simply refers to them having mutual children. He's "the daddy" in the family, nothing strange with that.

    In a way it's handy to have a more vanilla sounding nickname/title. "Mistress" doesn't work that well in front of kids or grandparents, or vanilla friends...

    And I got that "mostly mouse" thing too, I didn't think it was confusing.

  6. I was wondering about the mostly mouse thing too!


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