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Monday, June 4, 2012

Take Away My Sadness

Saturday morning mouse woke tucked into Daddy's arms, his body snaked around her and his head on her neck. When she tried to move, Daddy pulled her closer, he murmured softly something into her ear. He told her not to move, as he eased her onto her back. He began biting and kissing mouse's body making mouse tremble with want.

He made her squirm with delight and pleasure, pulling some very big orgasms from mouse. Daddy admitted he's been a little selfish lately. We stayed in bed as long as we could, with mouse feeling oh so satisfied and happy before, he plugged mouse and began the day. Later, he did take mouse to a shoe store, with the idea she needs decent walking shoes for our vacation.

However, things degraded and he became terse and very annoyed with mouse. He actually gave her a pretty good tongue lashing right there in the store and said we were leaving. This was beyond hurtful to mouse. We stopped for lunch after and mouse really remained very quiet. He wanted mouse to have a very practical walking shoe (read: hideously ugly, while mouse found a sandal that was just too cute and seems incredibly comfy too). It also should be said, mouse wasn't punished physically either. Just a huge flush of embarrassment and humiliation at public dressing down he gave her.

Really the remainder weekend went much too fast. Daddy had work to do, and mouse kept the kids busy and did a few extra chores. We talked about inviting some friends over for Father's day in a couple weeks. We did spend a lot of time talking about mouse's blog posts from the previous weeks, of course we'd already discussed them. Daddy just wanted to be sure mouse understood that she is not supposed to be reading totally unapproved blogs. He assured mouse there are other ways of learning more about D/s. He shyed away from the alpha issue, but mouse brought it up and we discussed it again. Sometimes when mouse is processing things, she feels the strong compulsion keep going over it in her mind. He again absolved mouse of wrong-doing. Telling her again to focus on healing.

He did mention her anxiety levels have gone down some during more or less typical moments or times. With some spikes. He stressed this was all good. Daddy also said as mouse feels more and more safe, her subconscious will often bring more of these feelings or emotions to light -- it's important to keep communication up. While there's not much that can be done about these flashbacks, how mouse copes with them will change.

Daddy also reinterated that her punishment spanking had nothing to do with alpha and the past. It was because mouse was being completely unreasonable with everyone and was truly spiraling out of control. Had mouse discussed it with him, and not made the choice to keep silent the outcome would have changed.

Of course, he was right. What we didn't discuss was the shoe store incident.

Later he had mouse engage in a little worship of his body.

Quite honestly, mouse was very talked out so after rituals told Daddy honestly that she had nothing new to share with him, but did spend a few minutes talking about what he said earlier and thanked him for his help. Eventually she did apologize for her behavior at the shoe store before falling asleep.

Song selection: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; Van Morrison


  1. We had the walking shoe for vacation session last year, so I can so relate. My Husband must have made me try on 100 pairs of shoes, none of which were cute little sandals. We settled on a good pair of tennis shoes and a supportive pair of trail type sandals. I have to admit I was very glad I had comfortable shoes with all the walking we did.

    It was just funny to read about another couple having the same sort of discussion. Hope you come up with a compromise that doesn't involve hideously ugly shoes.

  2. I can only imagine what a "practical walking shoe" would look like. I love sandals and I love being barefoot. I take great care of my feet so they are always cute (and painted cute too!) and the thought of stuffing them into a sock and "walking shoe" would have me frowning right there in the store!
    My "H" always tries to talk me into running or walking shoe stores. I guess he just doesn't get it. He is a shoe junkie, and swears I will ruin my feet wearing some of the silly things I do.

    I found what you said about processing things interesting. I too go over things inside my head over and over. "H" will note it and try to nip it in the bud. While I have been physically punished, I have also been just lectured. Sometimes that has been just as effective.

    In the end, almost everything we go through, or think through in our minds need to be opened up with communication when it's become a problem.
    This is a lesson I am still learning! It's very tough.

  3. Ok, monkey girl is going to go out on a limb here...Um about the shoe dilemma...monkey girl totally understands wanting to have a cute walking shoe instead of some unattractive old grandma shoe.
    Now, monkey girl doesn't know where you guys went shopping or what budget Omega might have set for said walking shoe...but monkey girl is a bit of a shoe snob(translation: whore) and always has advice on where to buy good shoes.
    Now mind you monkey girl doesn't own a lot of shoes(really it's true, maybe only 15 pairs) but what she lacks in quantity she makes up in, gonna have to count how many now.
    It's true monkey girl is kinda a hippie so yes she does own a pair of Birkenstocks, but she wouldn't recommend those for long walks anyway.
    Now for long walks everyday, Ecco is an excellent shoe in that department...and they usually have good 'walking sandals' to choose from too. They may be pricey but well worth it and monkey girl's feet have always been happy wearing them even after long 'forced marches'...I mean walks. ;)
    Monkey girl doesn't want to get in the middle of any argument...but just wanted to impart some sympathy to mouse cause every girl likes a pretty shoe.
    As we girls get older *cough* cute is still very important.
    Monkey girl doesn't ever want to look like her mother let alone grandmother!!
    Hope you and Omega can find something comfortable(and cute!).
    Many hugs,

  4. A good walking shoe is so important to the happiness of a vacation, or even a day trip, at least for me. I hope you guys come to a supportive AND attractive conclusion, for your feet's sake.


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