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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Gosh, we've walked a lot. All over and everywhere, we walk to the ice cream shop, about a half mile from our place. It makes the calories from the ice cream null (please don't burst mouse's bubble on that), yanno like broken cookies have no calories. Ha! Next week, we all go home for a week (school shopping, registration, hair cuts). Of course all the normal stuff is going on, cleaning and laundry....

The first appointment is for the dog, who has a hot date with the groomer. We'll just call it a spa day. But to be sure, we don't need to worry about that just yet. Last night, during our phone conversation, Daddy told mouse to nasty things to herself...ooooh...he asked her if she was being a good girl while we're apart. Then, when she told him yes she was...he gave her permission to orgasm. And boy did she!!! Wow.

Had a dirty Daddy dream mouse is just full of the warm fuzzy feelings...

Song selection: Hot Fun in the Summertime; Sly and the Family Stone

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  1. The bossman and i enjoy walking although dont seem to do as much as we used to what with his workload increasing and my excuse is the dog is so old now he just cant go very far...and of course walking discounts the convinced of it as my indulgence is fudge which i tend to buy when i go for a walk around the coast!

    Sounds like you have a busy week guessing school must be back to starting soon, have another 3 weeks left of holiday here and im trying to talk the bossman in to going away for a weekend just the 2 of us but his work is in the way as usual.

    Dirty dreams..and your not going to elaborate lol



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