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Friday, August 17, 2012

Patience is Priceless

There are times that mouse just misses Daddy like crazy. When we talk on the phone, mouse just keeps repeating how much she misses him. It's kinda funny. But not. One thing is very true, mouse feels very submissive. Daddy's noticed. Wednesday afternoon, mouse took the kiddo and baby out for ice cream, yes, the baby really shouldn't be enjoying that yet...But, it was just a taste. The weather was fairly decent, so we walked down the beach, taking that way home instead other way. Ok, that wasn't exactly smart because the back door was locked. Sent kiddo around to the front door (there's a narrow space that he can fit). He unlocked the door, but took forever to open the back door. We ate a simple meal and worked on the puzzle.

Thursday, we walked to the market for some fresh fish for Daddy's meal on Friday night. We baked cookies and had junk for dinner. Lol.

This afternoon Daddy arrives, Sunday we'll all go home and really mouse can't wait.


Now, mouse has had several formspring questions waiting for answers (if it's at all possible for questions on the web to gather dust, these certainly have) apologies to all who have waited for answers...


Dear mouse,your and O's blog is such a treasure. Thank you for sharing your life with us readers. My question is, did Omega ever break up with you or pull away while you were dating? If so, how did you handle and get through it? If not, good!:) Hugs, anon

Thank you -- very sweet of you to say that. Honestly, we've spent many years pulling away from each other. Lots of false starts in our lifetime together. Losing a friend (we were mostly friends at that time) always hurts but at that time it was the right thing for him to do and mouse got that.

Hi mouse. Read your comments on other people's blogs on breaking. Would you want Omega to break you?

Oh dear, this is something mouse should have answered at the time. But yes in many ways he actually has broken mouse in the sense that she no longer has walls or secrets to hide from him. The barriers between us are down and will likely remain down.

Do you still play with diaper domination?

Not so much anymore, since the baby came into our Although mouse could see it returning at some point -- who knows? It needs to be said it certainly helped mouse understand better her place in Daddy's life.

has daddy ever been in a vanilla relationship?

All relationships he's had (this is from him) have always had a kink edge to them. While some weren't exactly Master/slave -- none were really vanilla.

mouse did you say somthing about baggage in a relationships and suit cases..?

Probably -- it certainly sounds like something mouse would write about. Daddy has often said that we carry everything with us. He likens it to a backpack filled with rocks.

Do those who partake in TPE generally "swing" or also engage in poly-type relationships? How would you feel about "sharing?"

TPE (total power exchange) generally speaking has nothing to do with swinging or poly. Poly or swinging certainly can be part of that...but isn't necessarily part. We have explored the idea (and even tried it), but honestly it's just not for mouse -- or us. The idea just isn't appealing to either of us anymore. It's hard when feelings are involved not to get hurt. Some will talk of sharing their slave with other like-minded individuals (remember, before mouse belonged to Daddy, she was owned by someone else who did share her). That also is something Daddy truly hasn't interest in doing.

Thank you for all the wonderful questions!

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  1. Ummm ok can you make Fridays posts longer?! Lol remember we readers must go cold turkey until Monday! Lol!! J/k
    Enjoy your fam being all together and looking forward to hearing about your return home!! Yaay! :)

  2. Hi mouse

    Your comment of feeling very submissive, is that intensified because he isnt there and it highlights that feeling of dependencey on him?

    have a good weekend




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