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Friday, August 10, 2012

How Does it Feel

Daddy likes mouse to be still for periods of time. From the moment he captures her tongue mouse understands she's not invited to speak until released from that particular bondage. It's an exercise in restraint and very, very much like being bound.

During those times, mouse is often free to read, listen to music on the overhead system, never on the iPod, or move about the room, anything so long as, no sound escapes her lips. No giggles, groans, or even sighs (normally of boredom). This will normally be required whilst Daddy works in study, wishing mouse to be close to him, but not to be a nuisance to him. To be rather as a pretty bouquet of flowers for him to admire or not -- this also why generally Daddy requires mouse to unbutton her blouse, leaving herself open or exposed to him.

At times, he will take a break to rest his eyes or consider a point and ask for hot water or other beverage. Then mouse will get a tray, arrange a cup saucer, honey and lemon. Sometimes he'll ask for tea, mouse knows sometimes he'll takes lemon, other times a splash of milk. Both are prepared, just in case. On a few occasions, he might unzip his trousers and allow mouse to pleasure him, but while he might make sounds of pleasure (or frightfully none at all), mouse knows she cannot. Slurping and related sounds are acceptable, but moans or other sounds of pleasure are not.

There is also the job of wordlessly seeing to his needs, if the room is warm mouse will close the door or open an window if appropriate -- too cool the opposite might be done. Tending silently to needs is often tricky, requiring deep attention to details about Daddy. He'll often have trying days with miserable people; to come home to a quiet home, maybe a cool drink and extra attention has to be pleasant for him. Here, he can leave the stresses and challenges he faces at the door. While there are days where it just won't happen. The dog will bark at some unseen intruder into what he perceives his space warranting protection. Or the baby will cry, but really mouse works hard to shield Daddy from unpleasantness when he's home. Simply put mouse will carry the baby upstairs and tend to her there. Surprisingly there are times when he's feeling out of sorts to rock the baby...guess he finds it as soothing as she does.

We don't have many nights mouse would call, "Oh dear," moments where he grumbles endlessly. We've developed a plan. If his day is quite hard, he will send a text saying he wants to hop into the hot tub. This way mouse knows to have martinis waiting, swim trunks at the ready, a nice fluffy towel and the hot tub all ready to go (lights on, or whatever it needs before use).

Of course, being still only really applies to his study space (he rarely directs otherwise), ouside that space mouse may converse with the children, talk on the phone but only as needed. It's too easy to forget herself. There's nothing quite like that sinking feeling of failure after averting a crises and entering the study, while he's working declaring loudly, she's glad that's over!

No, mouse's purpose is to be very present, without really being obtrusive or obvious. Ready to serve without being in the way or lacking subtly.

Happy Friday!

Song selection: Grey Seal; Elton John



  1. My mouse,

    I am missing you more than words can express.

    As always unconditional,

  2. mouse
    I am very happy for both you and Omega for finding each other and finding peace and happiness in the exchange you both have. I confess I am not so certain I could live in such a manner. To be an object; a silent piece of furniture while my Master tends to whatever it is that requires his attention all while not being permitted to tend to my daily activities or wishes would most likely frustrate me and leave me feeling useless and discarded. I think for me it is because I absolutely do not identify in any way shape or form as a service slave. I am happy to tend to the home and make him his meals because I am not working at the moment; however, if I were working I would want us to share such daily tasks and to be given my own space and time just as he would want his own. I am a slave but I have a strong feeling of worth and equality with Master.

    I am often in awe at just how different we all are and how we all receive joy in a variety of ways. Happy to know you and Omega are doing well mouse. :)


    1. Apologies goodgirl if im interpreting this incorrectly but on reading this comment i keep coming back to..and i quote "I am a slave but I have a strong feeling of worth and equality with Master" unquote, i think the concept of feeling of worth in particular is dependent on the value the dominant places on certain qualities.

      I work (albeit not as many hours as my Master) and yet the majority of household chores fall to me..i feel of worth, on the times i am required to be still and silent..i feel of worth because these are qualities he places value on, they are of use and benefit to him because they make his life easier then i am of worth to him.

      Just my perspective. no offence intended.

  3. oh mouse i would struggle with this as im such a fidget ass and he finds that distracting and so im not allowed to disturb him in his study unless its important...thats not the only reason but i have no doubt its one of them.

    The times he does instruct me to be still and quiet i used to find annoying and resentful of because i figured there was things in the home i could be getting on with or i could be doing my own thing....but the lesson he has taught me through this is that as his slave my time is his to decide how it is utilized...'free time' to do as i like is a privilage which he can choose to take away should he want to....and he has done as a form of discipline before.

    Hope you all have a great weekend


  4. sometimes I wonder if our comments are helpful or a burden

    because I think you inspire a lot of us
    and make a lot of us think about how we serve and how are are pleasing
    or not
    in so many cases

    that even some of us put the two of you up on a pedestal
    and sometimes that must feel like a burden.
    that's hard to live up to

    but I hope not
    because this inspires me
    and makes me wish I had more time with my man
    to soothe
    to comfort
    to anticipate

    so if it's ok -- I'll imagine it through your description
    and be inspired.



  5. Your a good wife Mouse:) Your husband and children are blessed. Xoxo
    Can't wait to hear about your weekend! :)

  6. I think this is very inspirational, as SFP said. But, I would find it very hard to be silent, and I'm glad Big Bad doesn't require it of me. I'd do it of course, if he wanted it, but he hasn't so far.



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