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Monday, November 12, 2012


There is so much we used to argue or bicker about. Sometimes we still do but those times are very rare it seems nowadays. Rules clearly state that mouse is supposed to obey Daddy. Sometimes it's inevitable that we disagree about something. Often it's something trivial. Routinely we'd butt heads on the condition of the house. We don't anymore, because mouse remembers the rule to obey. Daddy decides what clothing mouse can wear. It's up to him what we eat, where we go, what we do. Of course mouse can suggest and routinely will.

Now, generally he's not unreasonable and will take into account many things before making a decision.

When a disagreement comes up, as they will, it's understood that mouse has no choice but to acquiesce (which by definition means reluctantly agree) to whatever it is. And she'd better not be poky about it, or not give 200%.

Of course in a perfect world mouse would never move slowly, or grumble or give less that 100%, but there are times she does or becomes a bit willfull or petulant. How that is handled is up to Daddy. Often he will have mouse do something until it is done correctly or to his satisfaction. Or he'll punish mouse. It just depends on what it is. If he doesn't like the way the floor was cleaned, he will have mouse do it again. If she is willful about it -- which in most cases stems from being embarrassed, then he might punish her. Normally this entails the task being done correctly and to his standards, with an added lecture and punishment afterward. It reminds mouse that she is accountable for her actions.

His accountability is equally important. If he didn't care the wood was properly cleaned, mouse would stop caring. If he didn't care if the house was clean, why would mouse? It's too easy to get sloppy. It's too easy to just pile things or shove them into drawers without looking. Just like its easy to eat unhealthy foods every night -- junk foods. Which once is a great while is fine...but each night. No thanks. We keep each other on our toes.


  1. Those things wouldn't bother me so much, the things I worry about are having a child with someone. Even people you are immensely close to can have very different ideas on how kids should be raised. Vaccines, breast or bottle, routines, pacifier or no pacifier are a few examples. What do you do then? See, my gut instinct is that there are some aspects of women's and child's health that men just aren't up to date on and if my Dominant wanted to give my baby formula as well as or instead of breastmilk, I don't think I could accept it. What do you do if you butt heads on things around your child(ren)?

  2. Practically how does that work? I understand he sets the rules and expectations and you try to please him. But in the essence of time so much to do not enough time isn't it taxi g for him to decide what eating every night or is it more generalizations he wants fish etc and you decide how it's prepared knowing what he likes? Same question for outings do you make any plans and of course ask him but the idea comes from you as to where to go with the children museum park etc what friends to socialize with? Trying to understand the functional practical dunics. I definatley see how using his desires as your own thwart arguments.

  3. The first thing i thought about when reading this is how petty it makes me feel when i get stroppy over a toilet roll holder..yes i know!

    See i put it in the bathroom to the left of the toilet he comes in and moves it to the right where it suits him, and it culmanated in him telling me to leave the damn thing where he put it...and i seethed (albeit in my mind, but he knew).

    Its silly i know, and i do find it oh so difficult to obey without the attitude especially in regards to the way the home is run, i know i should just let it go, im working on it.

    You sound really contented.


  4. It's really submitting it all, isn't it?


  5. I wish I could one day fully submit. I'd love to have "H" pick out my clothes and make the decisions like dinner and what not, but I am so very far from that.
    Maybe it's just my personality? I don't know, but I guess we are still experimenting with it all. I do have a want to be led, but an even stronger want to rebel at times.

    Glad you still post mouse. I do enjoy reading.

    Take care!



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