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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dressing for Daddy

Goodness, suddenly mouse has, it seems (at least temporarily) thrown back the curtains and invited all to coffee for a little chat. Today, mouse woke in a glorious mood, just feeling thankful for so much. As she sat at the computer she something caught her eye.

It was an image of a Mulslim woman in a full burka. Yes, this was on Facebook. There was a caption from a fundamentalist acquaintance talking about how disgusting it is. Now, this is a person who believes in dressing very modestly because she doesn't to want to "invite" temptation. She said men are tempted when women dress provocatively. As if by seeing a bit of flesh, men can't control themselves, and that's something mouse finds ironic.  That's the exact purpose of the burka [to avoid temptation].  It made mouse's head spin. 

But here's the thing, we as women don't dress generally for men. We dress for other women. Ok sometimes we do dress ro attract a man...but mostly as silly as it sounds we dress for other women.
Several years ago, when our relationship was very new and Daddy had just moved in, he invited mouse to meet an old college friend of his. We would meet at this sports bar. Not a big deal. Yes, mouse was dressed appropriately. So, we're in the car backing out of the driveway and Daddy says, your really going to like John and his wife.

"Whoa! Stop the car -- what do you mean his wife? You didn't say his wife would be there?"
Honestly mouse might as well sprouted a second head (our M/s dynamic was only in the developing stages) from the wide-eyed looks she was getting from Daddy. Then she said she had to change her clothes.

Now, there was nothing wrong with what she was wearing and this is hard to explain...but we women notice things. The thongs, you bought at the dollar store that you normally wear when you get your pedi are fine for meeting some random old college friend in a sports bar who would never notice rhem anyway, But when you find out his wife is going've got to just put on better clothing...
Now Daddy hadn't noticed really what mouse had done or changed -- but he noticed that something was different. Makeup was fixed, mascara applied, perfume earrings...nicer top, pants, shoes.
Later over drinks Daddy regaled them with the story...

Oh no...really?

At once mouse jumped up and said she needed to use the ladies room...

And of course we NEVER ever go alone, the wife followed. Inside the bathroom she said,'Omg I did the same thing!'. We started talking and it quickly segued into where we shopped. We left the bathroom the best of friends.

Now today, with our Master/slave arrangment clearly defined; it's mouse's place obey Daddy in everything. With this in mind, Daddy took complete control over mouse's wardrobe. He would pick the sluttiest undergarments pared with the most conservative of clothing. For example for our dinner party, Daddy had mouse wear the sexy fuck-me bra, with a garter, no panty a medium plug in place. A brown pencil skirt with chocolate pumps and the blouse with the pretty trim. He took out the pearls and had mouse wear those. He finally told mouse to wear her hair up for the night. Practical and pretty.

Each day he decides what mouse will wear and honestly mouse loves this as much as she loves him. It takes all the pressure off. Now mouse doesn't dress for men or other women...Daddy determines it and it's wonderful. He finds it pleasing and mouse lives to please him.  


  1. The bossman doesnt control what i wear as such, but he does approve my clothing based on his preferences, so out went my beloved tracksuit bottoms which i used to use for lounging in when at home, no jeans full stop, he likes me to dress feminine and ladylike which was a huge adjustment at first because i was a jeans and t- shirt girl.

    We both agree on underwear, i do like the feel of being sexy underneath, and he likes the visual appeal when retiring for the evening.

    Make-up is an issue, i detest wearing it, because to be honest its just something else to do on a hectic morning on top of everything else..but oh he sorted that out with his infuriating "you need to manage your time better" lecture!

    Hope your all well.


  2. mouse
    I learned early on from Master what he liked and what he did not like and although he does not pick my clothing out for me each day (thankfully) I have a pretty good idea as to what is acceptable. Like Tori's bossman, Master loathes jeans even though I feel my absolute most sexy and confident in them therefore I only ever wear them when he is out of town and I must confess on those days I am so delightfully happy it is ridiculous. He also forbids me to wear panties unless I have my period and when that law came to be I was horrified for I had all matching bra and panty sets. Needless to say though giving up panties was way easier than giving up my jeans.

    As for dressing for women, my mother taught me that at a very early age and I would have done the same thing as you did: go and change my outfit. I have my theories as to why most women dress for women but really I think it is a mix of so many thoughts and practices passed down from generation to generation of women.

    Clothing is such a peculiar thing to control and yet so many men and women enjoy it. Oh how the mind works..

    Wishing warmth to both you and Omega.

  3. I think it's interesting you noted the purpose of a burka is to be modest. A lot of Muslim women actually don't want to give up the burkha, and feel safe and protected in it. What I find fascinating is culturally, places like Saudi Arabia have D/s codified into their law. All women are meant to be submissive, unfortunately, the men are just abusive ( a lot of the time) and are not raised to be good D's. but if you look at their laws and religion, the behavioural "norms" for the men are supposed to be much much closer to the behaviour of a good D. Sometimes I feel their whole society is one large D/s experiment gone wrong....sorry for the long post, my degree in religious history is rearing its head ...

  4. You sound so happy! Mazel Tov! You are so right women look at the way other women dress. I love the mix of the conservative preppy with the sexy underthings. Where do you buy your underthings? AP? Do you wear garters/nylons most days? How is that with everything you do around the house, errands and taking care of the children? Do you often go sans knickers? Your outfit for the dinner party sounds classic and lovely and yet wicked at the same time! Are you ever afraid you will loose the plug?! Every time you write about unbuttoning your blouse I am thinking where is she buying them from?! No seriously! I never see any cute ones that button only ones that slip over the head. What are your favorite places to shop? And since Daddy chooses your outfits does that mean you don't do clothing or shoe shopping with out him? What about for special occasions wedding, galas, etc does he still pick out what you are going to wear or do you show him give him the options? I recall reading several times in your blog no anti girl look so does that mean no jeans and only dresses and skirts? What about gym clothes does be pick those as well? It's funny I have been reading your blog from beginning to end having found it this summer in my desire to learn more of my husband wants/needs. You have been truly inspiring and I am in complete awe how well you seem to so gracefully accomplish things! I have some similar personality traits (just finished my lists for the Thanksgivng) but I still have emotional flare ups and get overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done around the house and I have help, meet his needs, obligations, appointments etc. you seem to do it with such grace and ease. And then I read you were away for a month with only a carry on! My husband seemed to take that as a way to push me to become a lighter packer. As we travel several times a month domestically and a few times a year internationally anywhere from a few days to several weeks. I am your classic over packer I must have everything- the suitcase has wheel so not to worry. I have to say I was very impressed! I also read on your blog and for some reason it has stuck with me the scarf you use to cover your hair is that something you still do? Do people look at you funny? I do it at times- something told to do by my mother for windy days, convertibles etc and always get such funny looks when I do. Sorry for the long post been mostly a lurker and just wanted to say thank you!


  5. This was a lovely story mouse; it made me laugh and nod my head in agreement quite a few times.

    I love the fact that your daddy takes the time to pick out your clothes each day. I would enjoy that as well.

  6. Really enjoyed reading! I hope you continue to keep the curtain open or open it from time to time as you have been doing this past week! So happy read your words again!

    Lurker No More!

  7. wow have been there and done some of the same. I enjoy Master picking out my clothes too.

    Glad to hear mouse and Daddy are sailing along so well!!

  8. Dear Mouse,
    What a treat to have your clothes chosen for you every day. He takes good care of you.
    Happy LOL Day,


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