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Monday, January 21, 2013

Rattle of Chains

On an odd occasion, mouse will mention hearing, "the rattle of chains," and decided to explain a little what it means. When the meditation ritual really began working well for mouse -- it felt as though she was physically chained to Daddy. It came together in a very odd way. Daddy was repairing something and ironically he used a chain. Each time it moved, there was this rattle -- it seemed a bit musical. Not a harsh sound at all, but soft, lilting, like a wind chime.

That sound stuck with mouse and when she meditated often she began by imagining that sound. As Daddy and mouse's connection grew, so did the sound and it became a comfort, like a symbol of his loving control. Like feeling the real freedom of the ropes, mouse learned that being mentally chained to Daddy brought about the strongest feelings of safety.

It's no mistake mentally the symbol for mouse is a chain -- it's the strength of it that she adores. His strength that she has certainly come to need and depend on. In some ways each link was forged by us, what didn't destroy us making us stronger. Each little thing that threatened to undermine us, became a link. How many links? Who knows; it doesn't matter either. All that matters is when mouse submits and actively displays her slavery and when he actively demonstrates his dominance, it grows a little stronger and becomes impossible to corrupt.

Last week with Daddy home, mouse found herself hearing the sound frequently and while being still, on the floor of his study, she could swear she felt the weight holding her in place. At that moment there were few things she felt were more important.


  1. Thank you for explaining...what a beautiful sentiment and powerful symbolism.

  2. Being nosy as i am i was wandering when you mediate is there anything specific you focus on, like a mantra or does it vary?

    I have thought if its similar to practicing yoga (which i dont anymore but really should do again) where its relaxing and calming but with mediating its more mental than physical?

    I like the links in the change analogy and i had my own idea of what you meant when you have referred to the rattle of chains which was that i thought it was a mental symbolism of being in bondage but not in a physical way.


    1. Great question (sorry it's taken mouse so long to actually reply) tori. Sometimes it does surround a simple mantra but more often lately, it's just allowing thoughts to come...and then let them go until there's no thoughts left.

      Not sure if that makes sense but that's how it works best for mouse.


  3. what a wonderful way to describe what you have built and what keeps you linked :-)

  4. That's a very sweet post. Thank you.


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