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Monday, January 14, 2013


It seems we've embarked on a new ritual, admittedly completely on accident. While Daddy was away, mouse kept to all routines to help her focus -- and tried to keep to rituals -- more about that later. His flight was scheduled to arrive in the early evening, but as luck might have it, mouse had a full day of treatments ahead. Hair, nails, toes were all done, plus some needed waxing nearly a full day of being girly.

Thank you Aunt Lucy for caring for BabyGirl! For dinner mouse made a roast, Daddy's favorite, complete with candles and mouse changed into a pretty outfit. Very high heels, with those hose Daddy likes (the kind with the black line going up the back). When mouse's phone went off that he landed safely, the time began to countdown. We live nearly two hours from the airport, so dinner would be ready to go in three hours. Changing clothes, putting on perfume, jewelry. Hair was positioned to expose her neck (which some cultures mouse has learned is a symbol of submission).

Daddy walked through the door, looking tired but thrilled to be home again. He settled, handed out little gifts and he played with BabyGirl, while mouse got dinner on the table. All through dinner Daddy raved saying how badly he's missed mouse's cooking and remarked its been ages since mouse last did a roast. It's true we don't each much red meat so it was a real treat for everyone and BabyGirl it seemed to enjoy it too -- she ate everything, including the small dab or horseradish (which frankly was funny to watch).

After the kitchen was cleaned up, BabyGirl began to yawn so mouse got her bathed, and in bed -- with lots more kisses from Daddy. After, Daddy led mouse downstairs into his study. He worked and asked nicely for mouse to open her blouse and simply sit quietly. Occasionally he'd glance in mouse's direction.

Daddy had to feel the heat radiating from mouse at that point, goodness she was completely soaking herself and going crazy. Had he so much as twitched, mouse would have jumped up and clammored to his feet! He didn't. Instead Daddy stood, turned off the light and helped mouse up. He gathered into his arms and kissed her, thanking her for being so incredibly patient.

Together we walked the steps to our third floor hideaway. He undressed mouse quickly. Guess he couldn't wait anymore. Guess mouse couldn't hold it in either, because she started crying -- almost hopelessly so. All day long mouse had bit back tears, distracted herself pretty well and now it was safe to let it out. Daddy held mouse close.

Eventually, our appetites for each other sated, our bodies covered in sweat, bathed in the the afterglow of some pretty incredible orgasms. Daddy announced it was time for mouse to pay. He put on his bathrobe, and walked the house inspecting it. Not a spec of dust in a corner was found, but there was the matter of skipping rituals.

Two days before he returned home, mouse woke finding herself on the sofa in the sun room (watching the snow flurries blow can be quite hypnotic it seems) and rushed off to bed. Now in all that rushing three things were neglected. The house alarm wasn't set (Daddy actually ended up arming the system remotely when he received an email notification that the system wasn't armed) and her evening rituals were not done (really just too tired at that point to think twice). The final nail in mouse's figurative coffin was the fact mouse sent not one text message the whole evening!

There was no begging to skip the rituals, no explanation for not setting the alarm, nothing but silence. At four AM Daddy phoned the house the was terse, worried and cranky. He just couldn't stand the worry.

Of course we were all ok -- really mouse wasn't thinking clearly. There wasn't much to say, save for explaining and apologizing for being neglectful. He was angry asking if she even bothered to lock the door, or perhaps her keys were still in the lock (like she was prone to do many, many years ago -- seriously and they say women never forget!).

Fast forward to last night and Daddy's homecoming.

Naturally, again mouse apologized for causing Daddy worry, but he told mouse to roll onto his lap and explained that she needed to be punished. There was no warmup, just blam! At first mouse didn't really take it all seriously, big mistake! Soon it was shear pain and mouse was in tears and really begging forgiveness. Daddy countered with next time he goes away, next month mouse will receive a preventative spanking. He didn't stop either, but kept going, until mouse was thoroughly crying and he was satisfied about her true remorse.

After, he held mouse -- not in that very consoleling way he has when mouse is sad about something, but in a more -- "I'm doing this only because you need to calm down" way.
After, when mouse did meditate and freed her mind; the thoughts of her punishment left her and she felt instead the warm embrace of absolution. Next time, mouse truly promises to try harder.


  1. "some needed waxing" :-) I love a woman who prepares herself for pleasure and beauty. My SO asked me why men liked women who waxed. I responded that it demonstrated that they expected to have sex, expected pleasure, to be put on display and admired. That confidence, the claiming of their sexuality (as you do so wonderfully) is powerful.

  2. (((hugs))) mouse, maybe you could set yourself a google calendar reminder which can come to your cell to remind you before bed to do those things.

  3. he has a way of coming back and realigning it all.

    (smiling at my friend)



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