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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


No worries the 30 Days will continue tomorrow (it's already scheduled). Kinda decided to interrupt or break up the action a little...and ease back into more regular blogging...

Last night Daddy and mouse were cuddling a little...and mouse asked him about a collar. Just his thoughts on them.

He said in that flat way of his, "Why? You know you're owned."

Well of course mouse knows that (insert eye roll buried under the covers) -- we can blame it on this 30 days of submission...when mouse has time she's been answering the questions and scheduling them in advance...

It's not cheating really!

A collar is more of a public display of submission, rather like head covering or wearing a burka (maybe). It's very public and easily recognized.

Daddy rather dryly remarked that the butcher might be offended if mouse came in wearing a dog collar. Really?! Who said anything about that?

He wasn't being very helpful. But possibly sensing mouse's frustration he remarked. "I used to favor collars in my youth. I never considered you wearing one since I find them garish; not attractive in the least. You deserve something delicate to grace your neck." Then he added, "You do have the pearls I gave you."

Now mouse never thought about the pearls being anything like a collar -- even if she does wear them daily because Daddy wants her to. Maybe that's more what it's about -- a public display that might not be recognized by anyone else, but mouse is fully aware of.


  1. Mouse,
    My collar is a very simple, very everyday necklace. No one would give it a second glance. I don't need it to remember I'm His, but sometimes the physical symbol is like a touchstone. I do reach for it at times, and the few times things have been really bad and I wanted to give up, the act of reaching to take it off was powerful enough to make me stop and think. Somehow pearls seem right for you two, grace and beauty instead of brute force and sheer material strength.

    1. Oh Greengirl,

      That's an excellent point. Yes, mouse was speaking more of the more steel ones that one needs a tool to open. When he brought up a dog collar -- well it threw mouse for a loop.

      While she did consider the pearls to be something he liked and thought mouse would like wearing -- it never occurred to her they were like collar. But now that he mentioned it -- yes they totally are.

      Sometimes mouse just thinks in a direction and misses the periphery.

      thanks for sharing and big hugs,

  2. I think the idea of His pearls is beautiful and fitting!



  3. I dont have a collar, and for a long time i felt a bit put out about it because i figured it was the done thing! but the Bossman places no value on them other that for a practical purpose ie. i have a leather posture one and one with a ring to attach a lead to for bdsm purposes but everyday no.


  4. I wear my pearls as a collar... I think its a great idea!

  5. I don't have any experience of it but I think the action of him putting it on you or the such would be a good ownership action

  6. I think the understated symbol between the two of you is much more meaningful. It should have significance to you not really important what others think or see. I wear a Cartier love bracelet that screws on but to anyone else just a bracelet.

  7. i just wanted to stop by and let you know that i love your blog and your insight mouse

  8. I don't see the point of a collar that publicly no-one would recognise. If I were a submissive I think I would like a collar that some would recognise but most would not. Pearls wouldn't fill that bill. It would have to be an actual collar, understated perhaps but not something that could be vanilla worn as decoration.


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