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Friday, March 15, 2013

Burst into Bloom and Decay

Suddenly, mostly without warning spring appeared, the crocus, tulips and daffodils all popped up and said it hello. Lasting for several days then just seemed to vanish. There is this bitter sweetness to spring that cannot be ignored. After a long winter of sticks in the ground, suddenly seemingly at once everything bursts to life. It lasts a few weeks, before the blossoms we cherished so fall to the ground blanketing the streets in dirty pink.

Like the lovely fall foliage that quickly becomes a nuisance, plugging downspouts and clogging sewers. How fleeting it all is, this change of season.

Next week, on the first (official) day of Spring we're hosting a big formal dinner for some work colleagues of Daddy's. There are people and their spouses he works with, but they aren't too well known to mouse. Daddy's been fussing a little, as he's prone to do. Make sure that light switch is clean...sort of things that pop into his head at random moments. Could mouse handle all the cleaning as well as all the cooking? Of course she can!  And this time she actually means it!  It's been so well prepared.  Even if something does go hideously wrong -- mouse remains confident that it will all work out.  Even began another blog, rather a companion one...not sure if it will stay or go...but might as well share it with you...

For now in this other blog, comments aren't allowed.  Not sure how to explain why...It's just a place for mouse to sort through and organize her thoughts and emotions as they deal with entertaining large groups.  Issues that she's had...failures...horrible blunders and so on....Might turn comments on at some point but for now... dunno it's easier for mouse to not worry about it.  To just allow the words to flow.  

It's seems wildly appropriate that this party coincides with the first day of spring -- everyone seems itching to get out. The next day, we're all heading to the beach house, to open windows and get it ready. Soon enough Passover will begin and the fun really starts for mouse. We're hosting the first and second Seder, and the final night. The rest of the time we'll be spening it with good friends and family. A different dinner each night. Not to mention all that wine. It should be fun.  

The stress and unsettled feelings mouse felt easlier this week have mostly ebbed away. Daddy gave mouse an extra hard spanking last night...just bliss! The tears and mental release were amazing.  

Song selection: Eyes of the World


  1. I wish i had you confidence in entertaining and hosting dinner parties, i find it all very stressfull.

    Last Sunday we had friends around for dinner, the lamb didnt cook when it was meant to (i did weight it to calculate time) and everything else was ready..ok apart from the cauliflower cheese..that was just a disaster. my chocolate pots didnt rise.

    Thankfully they were friends so could laugh it off, but for people i dont know too well (business related) would of sent me over the edge..i would worry about letting the bossman down.

    So on those occassions we get someone in (that still makes me feel incompetent)

    Hope your dinner party runs a lot more sucessfully than mine!


  2. Oh, I love making pies, mouse. Daddy and I have talked about opening a pie shop. Daddy says my Key Lime is better than his mothers - now that is a compliment! On the other hand - I do not much like lots of people so you are far more adventuresome than I. I hope you have an awesome time, noise :)


  3. mouse,
    I think it is lovely you have an additional journal, one for your voice without the worry of comments. Sometimes it is nice to just share without hearing anything back. Personal space can be comforting. At least for me.

    I agree with Tori. I find you quite brave hosting dinner events. I am, by far, one of the absolute worst cooks in the world and I am not exaggerating. Until I moved in with Master I ate grilled chicken breast and a fresh green salad every night for nearly 5 years. I was quite content with my exact same dish, Master however, was not. I

    lack in understanding the desire for spices. I do not even use salt, I will on occasion add pepper. I will say I like garlic but not everyone just wants garlic. In the four years I have been living with Master I have had to learn to make many dishes, most I sadly confess I have destroyed. Too salty, not enough salt, over cooked, not cooked enough. Meat is done but the potatoes are not and vice versa. You name it, I have done it. Truth be told I feel so uncomfortable in the kitchen, at times when I have read your journal and you have entertained I can actually feel my heart palpitate quickly and I get a sense of nervousness for you, (all irrational of course).

    I salute you mouse, you truly are a delight.



  4. I hope that your dinner party is a success.


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