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Monday, March 11, 2013

Full Tilt Objectification part 1

They say confession is good for the soul. Well that person didn't have Daddy towering over them or perhaps they did. It must be difficult to look from the outside into a power exchange relationship -- it seems so tilted and skewed on one side. It's not really at all. But all relationships are great work and it takes a lot on both sides to keep things going in a certain direction.

Recently, mouse willfully stepped over a line drawn by Daddy.not simply a toe...the whole enchilada. You must get the idea. It big, no huge no-no. Can't begin to express what made mouse mentally say, "screw it" but surely she did.

On Friday night after our lovely Shabbat dinner, Daddy sat quietly reading and mouse asked to speak with him. After confessing all she'd done, Daddy looked perplexed and annoyed (rightfully so). He let mouse know in no uncertain terms that type of thing won't be tolerated. And fully prepared to take her punishment, the silly mouse, was she forgot something in all that. There was no way to know what he might do, but mouse seemed confident that he'd spank her and pushed those thoughts out of her mind. instead she packed a small bag for the baby and kissed her goodbye as she watched her mother-in-law leave.

So, when Daddy called for mouse back into his study she was rather surprised. He explained the punishment mouse was to endure. First, she was to be still and only speak when spoken to for the weekend. Second she was to submit to visual inspection. Third she was, for the entire weekend, no more important than an object, she would serve to any any all of Daddy's pleasures with a smile. Fourth was to refer to him only as Sir. Lastly, there was no expectation or freedom to decide anything for herself. No reading, writing, blogging or reading blogs. No cell phones, no reading glasses, no computer, and no email. He took away her wedding ring and pearl necklace.   Objects he remarked didn't require any of those things for rote chores or duties. No keys and no shoes. Since the glasses aren't needed except for small print and maybe a clothing label, they were of little consequence.

It began at that moment when mouse handed over her cell, glasses, iPad and keys.  He took the ring from her finger and undid the clasp of the necklace around her neck.  The he gathered up her shoes and locked them in a cabinet along with her wallet and purse.

You never thoroughly understand how much freedom you have until you are made to ask for everything. Until everything is stripped from you and locked away. It was painful that night. Having been left bereft and the magnitude of her predicament became clear, mouse began to cry.

Tears to a sadist are like catnip. Daddy said she should have thought more carefully before she broke willfully several long standing rules. The least of which was to obey. He took from mouse everything in a moment with simple words and reduced her.

Later,he demanded oral service, which mouse was all too happy to oblige. When he finished, he put her aside. He was finished. Much later when it was time for bed, he laid out the simplest, ugliest clothing for her to wear the next day. Then he told her to meditate. After when she reached for her toothbrush he slapped her hand.

"Sir may mouse brush her teeth?"

He told her to open her mouth and peered inside, took the toothbrush and did it himself. Then he had her stand in the room nude, while he examined her body. When she approached the bed, she remembered to ask. He bound her wrists and positioned her so she was open to him and took her from behind.

Saturday mouse was mournful. It was a long day. Yet by evening mouse began to see it all with total such clarity. His needs should always be her focus. Him and our family -- which were still at mother in law's being spoiled by Bubbie. The bitter truth was mouse had been pushing very hard against Daddy's control. That evening as mouse pleasured him with her mouth in our bed, she cried hard. Nose running, just tearfully remorseful.

Sunday morning, Daddy inspected mouse, with a flashlight and it was humiliating for her. He made her contort and bend so he could view her innermost private areas. When he noted something displeasing he pulled mouse over his knee, paddling her behind until she wept. Then he made her correct the issue.
The inspection process then repeated.

Then he allowed mouse to dress.

The day was long, mentally exhaustive for mouse, fearful of any misstep that might warrant prolonging this shear misery. Twice she found herself on her knees with his cock shoved roughly into her mouth and invading her she wanted Daddy back! There weren't enough words to describe her remorse, the sadness and the fact she'd never so willfully cross a line drawn by him with the same "devil-may-care" attitude again! The lesson of this -- albeit a small taste of what she was long ago was finally too much to bear and mouse pleaded for it to end.

Now it should be noted she only had to endure a few more hours and yet that seemed to be too much.

He led mouse upstairs, told her to splash some water on her face. He pulled from the closet a pair of jeans, her pretty cashmere sweater and told her to dress. He handed her her pretty pumps....ooooh shoes! When he brought out her wedding ring and necklace mouse cried...very happy tears of total relief. The debt was really paid!

Daddy returned everything else, then together we went to collect the kids after we stopped in at a burger joint the kids love. Back at home Daddy cooked a steak he'd been planning. He did share it with mouse.

Later after baths and children tucked into bed we talked, we laughed and cuddled -- honestly that was the part mouse missed the most. Being held in his strong arms.

In bed after making love, he asked what if anything mouse learned from all this.

To be continued...