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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Sky was Yellow and the Sun was Blue

Every once in a while we argue and it's ugly -- scare the kids ugly.  Screaming and swearing, doors slamming...Ya it's not the picture of Dominance or submission that's normally displayed in our home or on the pages of this blog.  Sometimes tho, it's needed; which seems terrible to someone on the outside looking in from a window.   This huge could anyone recover from such a thing?  

It's odd, after the dust settles we tend to quietly go to our corners.  While we're never "vanilla" we aren't quite M/s either.  In some ways we're kinda jovial, or euphoric afterward.  We don't avoid each other, but we don't seek each other out.  He will generally go to his study (after assuring the kids all is well) and mouse will go into the sun room alone (after doing the same thing).  The last time we argued like that was probably more than a couple years ago.  

At some point, he will poke his head into the sun room and ask if mouse is coming to bed.  It's not an order or command, as he'd normally do.  There's no mention of rituals....

Upstairs is when it happen all the emotion comes out of us..bubbling to the surface.  It's as though we've been apart for a month or a year.  

Daddy pushed mouse against the wall, unzipped the dress opening it and pulling it down, pinning her hands and fondled her breasts, tugging and pulling on the nipples with one hand, his mouth capturing hers...His other hand pulling up her dress and feeling her desire.  

The dress falls to the floor in a crumpled heap and forgotten as mouse loosens his trousers and tugs on his shirt, working the buttons quickly and pull it from him.  There's this sense of urgency as he picks up mouse and impales her on him, pushing her against the solid surface of the wall and causing a painting hanging close by to rattle.  We need this. 

Eventually we make our way to the bed, and use every inch.  Our passion and lust overtakes us both.    Hours seem to click by quickly soon we see the sky is lightening.  Shit.  We need to sleep...but we can't too wound up in our lovemaking to be bothered with such a pesky detail as daylight.  We tremble wrapped in each others arms holding on to everything we are in that moment.  

In the morning, mouse has bites on her body...He has a few scratches from her longish nails.  Before we exit the bed, he pulls mouse to him, kissing her hard then pushing her head down on his cock and commanding, "suck." In that moment her lips touch it, she can smell us...the pain of the previous evening, the argument and love later...the passion.  It's all there.   Thoughts of our love filled her head as she sucked him...

While things between briefly became a bit upside doesn't take a lot to bring us back.  

As he showered, mouse collected the baby and began the day, wearing his scent over her body.  

It's good to be his slave.  

Song Selection: Scarlet Begonias


  1. I'm so glad I had some time to read today - This is lovely - sort of a calm after a storm in a way... and a reassurance.

    We have arguments like that as well, I don't like when the kids get upset, but how we behave afterwards and reconnect is good for us, and eventually our kids see that all is well again and every healthy relationship has ups and downs.
    We usually chalk it up to make up sex, but when it happens, it's as if the world stands still for us.

    I think your passion sounds amazing!


    1. Yes it's an interesting point about the kids (well the baby doesn't really count). They do see us sometimes get angry...but they also see us come together and make up.

      They see us united...and that is nice.


  2. I think sometimes a 'time out' is needed for the dust to settle especially when emotions are gran used to say that one of the keys to a successful marriage was that all men should have a shed to retreat into! the bossman has his office which im not allowed to disturb him in unless its important. I tend to vent my frustrations out by cleaning......the house is spotless at the moment lol

    Make up sex is great...and i dont know why but it always seems to me to be even better when there is that initial reluctance on my part and it starts agressively.


    1. Make up sex is great. Really great...

      It seems mouse goes through cycles....

      Guess this is was one of them.


  3. Hi mouse and Omega, I recently started reading your blog and I'm up to January 2010. I wanted to let you know that I have been lurking here. I'm very new to this whole bdsm thing (I didn't hear about M/s D/s relationships until November 2012). I wanted to thank you for writing your blog - I have been learning a lot from you. Is your email address listed on here somewhere? I wanted to email you but I couldn't find your contact info.

    :o) saturn

    1. You may email me at ascoundrelsguide@gmail

      If appropriate, i will pass along your email to mouse.

      Be well,


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