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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Today's Thoughts

An oddball Sunday

At times it feels life is like a ballerina dancing on a tightrope -- we seem to gingerly go about our business taking care not to take a misstep that might send us tumbling. Yet, we can't avoid all blunders.

They happen.

Sometimes we just don't see it coming -- we hurt people we care about, which in return sets off a chain reaction of sorts that spirals out of control. We make the decision to self-protect, but against what? What exactly are we protecting ourselves from? Sometimes it's just us -- the very things that shake us up about other people are so often the same things we should be examining within ourselves!

It's like that at times with mouse and Daddy. Sometimes the very things that annoy him most about mouse are the things that he fears. There's so much mouse is wildly passionate about, unabashedly so...and she's highly emotional. It confounds, perplexes and sometimes scares him.

Likewise his unshakable resolve to plot a course an unflinching stay with it, is totally something mouse should embrace more -- instead of allowing her emotional, and visceral reactions get the best of her time and again.

It's strange how we balance each other out. We compliment each other nicely, him with his stoic reason and mouse -- with all she's about.

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  1. mouse,
    Life really is all about balance, isn't it?


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