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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Daddy came home in the afternoon, happy to see his family and happier to see mouse. He looked exhausted as children rummage through his bag for treasures he brought them. He enjoyed his first home-cooked meal in several days.

It's hard when he's gone, the phone is ok and mouse is grateful that he can call as often as he does, but the time difference made it difficult. Still we made the best out of it we could. He loves traveling, but he'd rather do it for pleasure than on a work junket. Yet he managed to buy some nice gifts for the kids this time. Not the standard airport faire, he'd usually bring home. Still it's hard on mouse and she doesn't sleep well while he's away. The first night she wore a work shirt of his, and the second night took the same shirt and wrapped it around a pillow. Then snuggled it the whole night.

When he finally got home, the shirt smelled a good deal more like mouse than it did of him -- that made him smile.

Smell is very important, in fact it was the first thing Daddy did after coming through the door -- mouse wasn't sure when to expect him. He gathered mouse into his arms and buried his nose into her hair and neck. When he kissed her hand, he caught a faint whiff of garlic and asked what was for dinner. That made mouse laugh.

Daddy's touch was electic though, as we sat for a bit and he recounted the story of his trip. His hand never left mouse's. When she got up to check on dinner, he followed her into the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. During dinner still he kept touching mouse. Normally, he's very reserved...but lately not at home. Daddy's been much more demonstrative of showing affection and that's something mouse can't get enough of. it was also something that made our time apart more difficult.

After the kids had gone to bed, Daddy carried his suitcase upstairs to our room and properly unpacked it. He continued to regale mouse with funny stories of miscommunications with taxi drivers and how good it felt to be home. He caressed mouse's cheek with the flat of his hand and we kissed.

He pulled out of his bag mouse's gift. Gotta say mouse was shocked when she opened the box, Grateful Dead dancing bear earrings! Really, mouse expected something else...nothing so...well fun!

Of course mouse wasted no time putting them on, and then thanking Daddy properly for the lovely thought...

Normally, when he gives mouse a's something that pleases him...Usually quite extravagant. And mouse loves them all! But this was different...this was very different. He talked of going to this street fair, full of hippy types...and he thought of mouse.

He didn't let her finish thanking him...He pulled mouse close, pulled her onto the bed and covered her with his body.

All night we held hands and touched...bodies entwined. Yes, mouse cried a little end Daddy kissed away each tear.

Song Selection: And; Grateful Dead



  1. So glad Daddy is home, your other posts showed how much you missed him. The earings sound just prefect, what color bears did you get?

    Hoping you got a great nights sleep after his return.

    1. He got some silver ones... Very nice!

      Finally did sleep so much better.


  2. so sweet. ;)
    dancing bears!! love it!
    smell for me is so important too, of course H says I should be hired out as a drug sniffing dog....not sure if there's a compliment in there somewhere. lol. but I do have a very sensitive nose(which is good and bad).
    So glad Omega is home mouse!!

    1. Yep, so is mouse's sniffer...

      But right now, can't smell anything allergies....


  3. *sigh*....this gave me goosebumps. Lovely.
    i have no other words. :)

  4. A beautiful homecoming story.

  5. What a wonderful return and reconnection!


  6. Beautiful! and isn't it funny, sometimes the best gifts can be out of the usual. Once "H" gave me a gift card to the local skating rink... A strange gift, but He had remember how much I used to love ice dancing and ice skating and had not been in years since I used to skate for sport. It's such a fun release.
    It's the things that remind them of us that's so sweet.

    Glad he's back in your arms!


  7. So glad that your homecoming was so great! Daddy and I are almost never separated, but I know that even when he leaves for work in the mornings I snuggle into his pillow. So happy for you that you are back together again!



    1. He used to travel much more, so mouse is kinda grateful...tho, she'd probably be more used to it if it wasn't so infrequent.


  8. Beautiful and touching.



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