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Sunday, April 14, 2013


This was the email that Daddy sent to mouse from work, guess he found the image somewhere and liked it so much he sent it to mouse. 

He's subtle like that at times.  

You'd hate to see him when he's being direct.  

True to the images word, Daddy got home from work, ate and waited patently for things around the house to settle, then he went to work on mouse.   He bound her hands behind her back, unbuttoned her blouse and had his way with her breasts.  He toyed and played with mouse until she was begging first for release then for him to stop...

Well, there was a couple hours that passed in between.  He can be deliciously evil with mouse at times. He went to his comfortable Dom space (somewhat like subspace -- except probably the opposite) and mouse was gone...Mentally floating somewhere...eventually drifting back to earth and our bed.  

Friday, Daddy asked mouse to be still and practice her mindfulness as she went about her chores for the day.  Oddly, mouse did it all without issue and actually felt really good while doing for a few silly thoughts...

"You are cleaning the tub -- focus only on cleaning the tub...not on anything else....Stop that...don't think about blogging about anything....just focus on cleaning the tub...What?!  The tub is clean?  Ok...focus on scrubbing the toilet...duh...Do i really have to think of everything??"

"Well're kinda the brain...the one in charge of these thoughts...sheesh!" 

"Shut up and quit thinking about thinking and who is thinking...Just think about cleaning the toilet. And for goodness sake...wash those towels too." 

"Shit! Now you did it!  You thought of something else that needs to be done...and we're not finished with the toilet yet...."  

Really mouse's brain...even when trying to be mindful is a scary place.  

Eventually tho, everything was finished and Daddy came home well before it was time to light the candles for Shabbat.  

We sat, we the baby ready for bed (Daddy read to her and mouse).  Much later in bed, after some blissful time between sheets....

Daddy gave mouse permission to talk and asked how the mindfulness went.  Aside from talking to children (which is expected), it all went pretty well, but also admitted she was having a hard time just focusing on the task and not allowing her mind to wander to other things.  

He took mouse's hand and kissed it tenderly....

We talked about the blog posts from the past week too.  The one on Sarcasm gave mouse the most comments in a long time.  

He mentioned more than once that we're not just Master and slave that sometimes we're just people.  People who get into a snit over stupid things...

At that, mouse's brow furrowed...wait...who was in a snit?  You when you said your mom made perfect chicken or mouse when she tossed out your food????

He smiled and whispered into mouse's ear...

"I'm going to tie you up and fuck you until you beg me to stop."  

"isn't that work?"

"Hardly." He retorted.

"No...mouse thinks there's a law against tying knots on Shabbat."  

He pinned her down using his hands...forced himself between her legs by spreading her wide with his if he met with any resistance. 

Our lips met and our bodies collided lovingly...

It was a great Shabbat...


  1. Terrific account of your Shabbat celebration. Thank you.

    Subtle and Dom, usually do not put those two words together.


    1. Thanks as always joey! You're totally right those words rarely fit together.:)

  2. I think our brains are twins, mouse. Yours sounds an awful lot like mine. I told Daddy the other night, because of that, that I wanted to find some guided meditations and maybe become a Buddhist - I know completely random, lol. Daddy smiled indulgently. I think he thinks I'm not serious.... ;-p

    I was wondering the same thing about it being work....but Daddies they know everything, so I guess you shouldn't worry :)


  3. June,

    Think we totally are too. Daddy is more of centered personality in our house (can you guess) and he has great respect for Buddhism. The meditation is lovely tho...and mouse likes the effect it has on her mind.

    It's effects just can't be ignored...Mindfulness seems to be another issue...



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