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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Touch Me

"Tell me what you want slave," Daddy looks at mouse with that smile he wears when he knows he's asking something of mouse that will make her crazy. Oh gosh...really now? Is all mouse can think. He's got her arms bound and tethered to the bed post, her legs are splayed for his amusement and now he's telling her to tell him what she wants! Isn't that topping from the bottom?

He starts touching mouse between her legs, his fingers circling around her clit and making mouse gasp and pant..

"Tell me slut what it is you want." He repeats himself and all mouse can do is moan, bite her lip and blush. Seriously, you'd think mouse would be better at this game of his.

"Tell me now or I will stop." he says deadpan. He pulls away his finger and mouse is straining to move closer to him. Panic fills her..."spank it..."

His fingers return, teasing her clit, "with what my most precious slave?"

"Anything!" mouse says without thinking.

"Anything?" he slowly repeats with a hint of irony in voice as he continues to stroke deliciously slow the most tender reaches of mouse.

But really mouse is so wound up by the touching obviously she's not thinking straight. He lowers his head and places his lips on her clit, swirling and sucking it gently...then nibbling.

"You will not make a sound?" he asks looking up for a moment and mouse nods. He leaves for a moment and returns with the riding crop.


He places it on the bed beside her thigh, and returns his fingers to her, then again his lips caressing the innermost places with his tongue, making mouse close her eyes -- which in retrospect was a huge mistake.


The building orgasm edges closer then recedes somewhat from the shock of pain now searing through her.

His lips return and he pauses saying, "don't ever question your masochism again slave. Are we clear?" Damn he almost sounds angry or annoyed...sure mouse has been questioning if she likes pain's been a long time...

In reply, mouse nods.

"Tell me now!"

"Yes. Ok. Fine!"

He arches his eyebrow and looks at mouse intently.

"Yes, what slave?"

"Yes Master."

Thwack again, dunno if that was harder than the first or just...

Then he's there teasing and pulling her with his mouth.

Thwack, Thwack!

Now tears are forming, throaty sobs of total confusion penetrate mouse.


The humiliation was complete when he simply touched her throbbing clit with one finger and she exploded in orgasm. The tears now very fluid fell and mouse was out of control and yet completely under his spell.


Then he tossed it aside loosened one of the restraints on her ankles and then fucked her very soundly. On his lips when he kissed her, she could still taste herself. The throbbing stingy pain between her legs being cooled by the fucking. The one free leg wrapped tightly around him...

When he finished, he asked slave if she enjoyed herself.

"oh yes Master! Thank you!"

Later she mused that she couldn't believe she stayed quiet...he laughed. He snorted.

"Slave, I think people heard you screaming in Canada!"

Later he left mouse to recover, while he got the kids from his mom's and picked up dinner.

It was a lovely afternoon...

Really we should do this more often!

Song selection: Touch Me; The Doors


  1. you make me smiles miss mouse!

  2. Very hot. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I started laughing when Omega said you probably were heard in Canada!! I always think I'm quieter than I really am. ;)

    1. Yea...when he said that...omg mouse turned red...Here was mouse thinking she was as quiet as....well, a mouse!

  4. I'm so glad you got this time!

    Whew, this was hot, Hot, HOT!

  5. Very hot! I am sort of having a jealous twinge because we can not be loud on our house and it's very rare that the kids are away at Grandparents... mine have taken to going away to their condo in the winter months, leaving us here in the cold.. and with too many kiddos!

    I'm thinking that before we had the twins was the last time I can even think someone in canada may have heard me!



  6. 'Anything'...mmmm those are dangerously delicious words. I love that place where all reason goes out the window and I crave his touch...any touch!


    1. At the time mouse was totally mentally kicking herself for saying that....but really in was the perfect reply.

  7. Hi This is HOT.... I shouldn't read things like this when I'm at work.


  8. Glad you had a wonderful time together without worry of kiddos.

    1. Hi was nice without the kids...a kinda rare but super fun time for both of us to let go a little.


  9. It is interesting how you revert to calling Omega Master when he is in a sadistic mood, i suppose it 'fits' more?

    Hmm i question my masochism a fair bit, i think its because sometimes i really dont want it (the pain that is) but as the bossman points out my pussy says otherwise....but really i honestly can say that sometimes i just hate bloody hurts.

    But yes well as your lovely scene demonstrates....the eventual release, the exhaustion is just so worth the torment!

    i do think the craving for pain can be addictive, i crave it more than i do sex...and im not sure im comfortable with that.

    1. Tori,

      Great question. And ya, when he's feeling all sadistic, it's totally hard calling him Daddy. Master fits it more...tho sometimes she will.

      There is a total internal conflict tho between liking pain or admitting its needed...or the response to pain.



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