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Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

A leash is a physical thing, attached to a person or animal for the purpose of leading them. Mentally, mouse is tethered to Daddy. He knows precisely how to push her slave buttons. For mouse service is great; ancipating his needs or wishes (even before he knows he has them), but what really excites her is when Daddy orders her around. When he sends her to get him hot water and lemon, then sends her on another task. When he tells her to sit at his feet. That's when mouse or maybe that inner slave in mouse just jumps for joy. That's when she just feels his ownership over her the strongest and feels such emmence gratitude to him.

It's true there are times mouse doesn't adequately thank Daddy enough or express enough gratitude to him for allowing mouse to be..well, mouse!

For as long as mouse can recall, she has always cried when confronted.. Doesn't matter who confronts her either, if they are in position of authority - or someone mouse respects or desires to be accepted by, they will make her cry. Some can argue or fight back -- at the very least bite back tears and accept it...But mouse just never could. Once many years ago, before mouse was 'owned' by anyone, Alpha was the man who hired her to do a job. Daddy who also worked there, yelled at mouse for dropping an important call and it sent mouse into a tizzy of tears and regret --- he actually walked from his office all the way down to where she was located to yell at her!

To two Dom types her secret was revealed -- her slavery evident before she knew of the word.

It wasn't that he had hurt her feelings with his curt words, it was simply that she felt she had failed him. The need to please was so great, the inner drive so palpable that mouse broke down, At the time, mouse recalls today, he just walked away shaking his head.

It was something viewed by fellow workers with condemnation and ridicule.

It's never changed for mouse.

Even now, when Daddy critiques something mouse does, it makes her cry because of her need and desire to please him. To her it shows mouse how much he cares. He cares enough to correct her! He cares to punish her when she's really done something wrong or gone off the deep end. The amount of gratitude she feels toward him rises to the surface. He doesn't need to physically punish her either -- it's not about that. There isn't a fear of punishments. If there is any fear at all, it's losing his respect. Going too far where he can't forgive her.

The worst punishiment he could levy upon mouse, is taking himself away. His indifference toward her, when she has pushed him so far, when his frustration so immense he doesn't know what to do. The worst physical punishment would be far easier to endure.

With or without punishment or correction, the amount of gratitude she feels carries her. It makes her buoyant. Being enslaved by Omega gave her life propose and meaning, the gratitude she feels at times is so great -- the driven need to drive him insane with messages of thanks.

Song Selection: Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin); Sly and the Family Stone

(yes that is the real name that appeared on the album).


  1. Oh mouse, this is something one totally gets.

    It's hard to understand but being asked to do something right when one has just settled on the floor just makes one giddy at times.....maybe even a little hot and bothered.

    It took Master a while to get used to; it seemed he felt like a jerk for doing it at first. Now he derives great pleasure from it; which of course gives me pleasure (even if one is annoyed at the time) - gosh, that sounds complicated, but that is the way it works for us.

    1. dancing -- so happy your back by the way!

      There is something, mouse is sure she's written of this before, where Daddy just sends mouse scurrying around the house...then maybe he'll have her behave as a table for his teacup. There's something that it triggers inside mouse....

      Daddy calls it the service button...

      Sometimes mouse becomes very frustrated with him until she it dawns on her what's going


  2. Can you explain the song title or translate it?

    1. Sure.

      Thank you (For Letting Me Be Myself Again)

      The words in the song are ran together to so it sounds tho, like it's written...

  3. *im not sure if the comment i made appeared so will try again, when i hit publish it came up as no internet access*

    What you said about being of service, i like being of service, making things easier for him, but on occassions he will reprimand me for making assumptions when i do something that i think is anticipating his needs and being thoughtful. I just cant seem to get this balance right all the time.


    1. YES!! Oh yes....

      There are times where Daddy would prefer that mouse wouldn't presume a need he has....So mouse remains very careful about when she does it...

      Daddy would never complain about his morning oral.

      But he might if mouse brought him a tray of food he didn't ask for, just because it was around the time he should be eating.

      Now, having said that....he would be grateful, but he would prefer mouse didn't jump to a conclusion. He doesn't always share with mouse everything that's going on.

      It's also a bit of that mouse doesn't always know if something will please him or not...

      If it's a cup of hot water and lemon there's no harm...Toss the water and wash the cup....big deal...He doesn't like generally to be wasteful. Sometimes he sees it a bit as mouse hovering around him.

      The truth is...mouse doesn't know what he'll think or do. Sometimes it's accepted and other times, like you've experienced it's not....


  4. yes, yes, yes, yes... ! love it, mouse :)

  5. thank you (((hugs))) sorry cant explain any better than that xx

  6. Somehow mouse you seem to have a way of putting into words the very things I've been feeling lately. Thank you for that.


    Also, I was looking for a way to email you directly but couldn't find anything about that on here?

    1. We've been meaning forever to add a blurb on our FAQ page...

      Thanks for the reminder!



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