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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


**Side note** Yes, another bitch post from mouse and there aren't going to be any comments on this one.  Just feeling too raw and pissed off.  And vulnerable too...and yes after writing all this up mouse knows darn well she's to blame but still...just too angry with him.

All morning mouse has been upset with him. There's like a huge laundry list of things he is doing that just pisses mouse off to no end right now.

Last night mouse found out he's checking thee mileage on the car. Seriously he doesn't trust mouse?? (of course mouse sees the irony of that statement).   Mentally as she's writing this she can hear his foot tapping, so it might seem that the ONLY reason she found out he was checking the mileage was because mouse fibbed a little. Fudged the truth.

While shopping yesterday, mouse forgot to buy coffee. Since we were out and we that happy morning juice, mouse made a second trip to the store...

Ok there might have been something else...he kinda expects mouse to notify him when she breaks away from her routine or thinks she might need to. The routine of course is established by Daddy...or the mean Master, whichever you prefer.

He asked wanting to know how the list worked out...and mouse said fine. Everything was fine, even smiled. He then asked if there were any problems..and mouse told him no...already she mentally promised herself not to make that mistake if he knew how many times before mouse has done this....

He told mouse to get the table ready for dinner...and said he'd be right back.
Assuming he left something in his car, mouse did as he told. Everything seemed normal through dinner.

After dinner he called mouse into his study and told her to close the door. 

He sat mouse on his lap. Holding her close...and again talked about his expectations and how he expects mouse to follow his routine. Well, his routine is liberal -- everything got done.

He kinda grabbed mouse by the chin and said it was odd...the mileage on the SUV was twice what he expected it to be. Exactly double in fact.

Ok -- mouse might have just pretended to remember the second trip...and explained that she forgot to buy coffee.

It's one of those "Expectation" things...
"Was coffee on the list? "
No, forgot to add it.
"Did you think to text?"
"You just went back to the market?"

Three expectations of his and his obey rule obviously broken.

He told mouse to go to the wardrobe in the study and bring him the cane.

He told mouse how disappointed he was.

Her tears had no effect at all.

The penalty for each broken expectation was determined to equal 5 blows from the cane, plus another 5 for failing to obey. Plus another 10 for lying He positioned mouse on the sofa, over the arm and made her place her hands behind her head.

He expected mouse to remain that way and not make much sound, except to count. After he asked her to repeat why she was punished and explain what she should have done. and honestly tho she said what he wanted to hear...mouse was pissed at him.

Maybe mouse was naive to think it wasn't a big deal.

But still he should have cut mouse a little slack. A stern warning maybe?

Then in bed...mouse was still annoyed...and he's been doing this thing where he's practically laying all over just makes her feel claustrophobic. All she gets from him is, "I understand" but doesn't move.

During exercising it was still with her and later, in the shower....mouse still felt resentful...he even suggested that he might have bind mouse's hands at night and during the shower.

Then he goes to put the corset on her and she gets that some women just love them...and don't think it's a big deal...but mouse was just in tears...

Again...all he said was he understood...and slapped her ass and told her to lift her arms. After he held her, dried the tears. He knows it's an adjustment and it's going to be hard. On some level so does mouse and on that same level she knows that she needs this. That this desire for more consequence and accountability...was really what mouse asked him for. It's what she's been thinking about for many months now...

And now, sitting mouse feels a bit of anger and shame. And doesn't know what to do with those mixed feelings.