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Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Romance

If you asked any of mouse's girlfriends what they most want in their relationships, the number one answer is probably romance. Daddy isn't romantic. Like at all. He's practical.

He doesn't bring flowers, he'll arrange to have mouse's car serviced. He takes care of things. When something breaks, if it's important, he'll fix it or arrange replacement. If there's an emergency, he'll be there. That's what's most important to mouse. He's quietly dependable and a bit predictable.

His touch sends a shiver down mouse's spine. There are times mouse longs for it, his touch.

While he's not romantic Daddy is very demonstrative. He's not afriad of expressing affection or withholding it when he's displeased. It used to scare mouse when he'd withdraw his affection for a period of time, not so much anymore. It takes time for mouse to return to his favor, but it's NEVER very long. Eventually, he'll explain it -- that's why he hopes the demerits and clear expectations work out for us.

That's could be something else many of mouse's girlfriends wish they had, clear expectations of what's expected -- that might go on both sides. It seems at least to mouse things in their relationships are much more fluid and probably volatile than ours. Things are much, much more calm here, and comfort knowing what we're supposed to be doing.



  1. I can relate. Something mysteriously romantic about an unromantic man. I know, not romantic in the traditional sense, but kind of like a slow kindling fire... it lasts, and it warms, without burning, or burning out. <3

  2. mouse
    When I was dating I found myself with gentlemen who were poets, artists, sonnet writers. They were profoundly expressive through word and appeared to me as overly dramatic most of the time. Many of my girl friends would consider me lucky to have a gentleman who wished to woo and charm, I on the other hand, found it tiresome.

    I am not romantic. I am practical. To this day my favourite gift from Master has been my Dyson yellow vacuum cleaner. That little sucker is light weight and will clean any surface lickety-split. Sincerely, when he brought that machine home I had never felt so loved by Master.

    I would not say Master is romantic, what I will say is he is more romantic than I am. He will bring me flowers, at random and often. He will bring me jewelry, again at random and I am grateful that he thinks of me. Any gift he has presented me I have been appreciative; however, the one's that hold a long lasting meaning are the ones that are practical.

    The flowers he gives me are beautiful, sincerely. The bouquets are spectacular, still when I see them a teeny tiny part of me thinks "oh he should not have spent such money on something impractical". In the beginning I really had to watch my tongue because even without meaning to be hurtful I was.

    Through the years we have learned about each other, how we respond and our own love language and although he still brings home flowers, he does so rarely now, instead opting out to bring me home oh say a garlic press instead.

    Funny how different we all are. I think the withdrawing of affection would be quite challenging to work through; however, I am very happy to learn that you understand where the withdrawal comes from and how to work through that process when you experience it.

    Oh men. Such interesting creatures.


  3. Few wives have the attention that Daddy gives to you. That is a lot better than flowers.


  4. I've started to realise what we do is our own version of romance, it's just different from everyone elses.

  5. I love is so clear in this type of relationship. Everyone benefits from knowing where and what is expected of space for uncertainy or struggles for power or validation.
    Reading your posts are such a beautiful and honest thing to be allowed to read and enjoy and learn. Thank you for letting youself be known to strangers. Putting yourself and your relationship out there for others to see without any expectations in return...such a gift.


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