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Saturday, November 30, 2013

All's Quiet

Really, we've got nothing exciting going on.  The baby was sick, Daddy moved into the guest room because she was sleeping in our bed...

Fun stuff.  No, not really but as a result or consequence, it seems our Chanukah and Thanksgiving celebrations were just left to other family and friends to deal with.  Daddy went to his mom's house with kiddo for the first night party of Chanukah and Thanksgiving he went to our friends Lucy and Schroeder -- because by then the stomach bug the baby had, was shared with mouse who was feeling very unwell by then.  

Now, today things are more or less better...tho mouse still feels a bit yucky and lack of energy for anything fun.  

Now it'l take two days of cleaning to get everything back to how it should be and get the house decorated for Christmas....

Ya it all begins like NOW!  

Still in this not-so-quiet- moment mouse remains very Thankful to Daddy and to all her wonderful readers.  

Thank you all!  


  1. So glad you're feeling better mouse. Ah...the Christmas cleaning and decorating! That's a lot of work! Luckily we did most of our last week. Now to finish all that shopping...ok I'm exhausted just thinking about it! lol


  2. yuck for feeling sick - but glad you are on the mend -

    hugs (at arms length wearing my N95 respirator



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