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Monday, January 27, 2014


Last week was long, difficult but by the time Friday rolled around mouse felt like she'd been run over by a steamroller. All week was a struggle to keep the house tidy, meals prepared and deal with all the outside things. Still, at the weeks end, there was a huge sense of relief and accomplishment.

However, on Friday night when Daddy whispered into mouse's ear that she needed to go upstairs -- at that precise moment mouse nearly replied, "no thanks." Indeed after such a long week, this was the last thing on mouse's mind. Still rather slowly the stairs were ascended to the third floor.

At first, as Daddy had mouse undress; explained or told her how to present herself and submit to the ropes, mouse felt very disconnected from it all. Even when he began slowly to apply varying degrees of pain, mouse remained very disconnected; so much so that she actively began going through a mental list. Then rather abruptly Daddy hit the spot and mouse was jarred from the preoccupying thoughts.

Going from feeling disconnected to deeply connected mouse rode the wave between pain and pleasure until there was nothing but him and the burning need that she scarcely knew was there. Words failed mouse, as is often the case when the intensity of whatever action drives mouse deep within her herself to a spiritual place and state of grace that is rare and beautiful.

Without warning tears fall, a confusing mix of pleasure, pain and sublime peace of mind, along with a vague notion that so much was indeed held back from him before. Now it's open, unconstricted and raging like a river just after the levee breaks and all toward Daddy. The holding back, is never intentional, but rather a consequence of modern life. The act of forcing and renewing the connection so it can sustain us when our energies again become divided. The rich display of very active dominance parsed out the vague submissive feelings that are omnipresent in mouse and gave her submission the depth it needed.

In the end, words couldn't do justice to the immense emotional response mouse felt long after the tears faded.

Saturday mouse felt thoroughly bound to him, again complete with the rattle of chains she'll imagine hearing. The comfort of his hand grazing the small of her back guiding her through the day. As the day faded into night, long after the children were in bed, mouse knelt before him and worshipped him again feeling the bliss of deep connection that was different.

After spending the night with him close by, if not inside her mouth, mouse breathed a feeling of relief. How long had it been since we've shared that? How lomg has it been since mouse last felt that uncontrolled urge to crawl inside him where it's safe. To be one.

Sunday morning he again brought mouse into that sacred place -- a mindset of peace, where yes there is no refusal, or rather a word for 'no' doesn't exist. Had he commanded mouse to kneel in the shower to releave himself she would have gladly bathed herself in him. Odd thought from the girl who usually shudders at the idea. Of course no request was made, but mouse put on her bathrobe and made breakfast for the family. Including the scones Daddy is fond of but rarely indulges in and homemade marmalade.

When the kitchen was tidied and the children occupied, Daddy again took mouse upstairs, watched her bathe and helped her dry off. He cinched the corset, inserted a meduim plug and had her dress (fix her hair, makeup). After that was all done, he took her quickly feeling the pressure of him and the fullness of the plug brought mouse quickly back to him.

If only every weekend were like this!


  1. oh, this was lovely mouse (((hugs))) glad you had such a lovely, recharging weekend after a tough week

    1. Yes, and what's worse, mouse hadn't a clue how badly she really needed this.


  2. Mmmm I love this...the care your Daddy has for you is speechless and the way you respond to him is so breathe taking.

    I agree with you on needing to be as one and wanting to be inside them. I haven't seen my Daddy in almost a month and I had a bit of a breaking point. But words your words of expression has brought me back to thinking of only Daddy and keeping patient. Thank you.

    1. It's been a while since mouse felt that strongly about the whole crawling inside him...

      And this week those thoughts have lingered. :D

  3. Dear mouse, you describe this quite wonderfully, I'm so happy for you!
    You write about a lifestyle almost outside of my imagining, and show me the love, intensity and devotion you have together - thank you for this insight into your relationship.
    Bless you both,


    1. Aww, thanks Ash! It's nice to hear that. :)

  4. It's always so amazing, for me, to see just how attuned you both are. Omega knows you so well, he knows what you need long before you do!

    Lovely post!!!

  5. Mouse, this It was touching and powerful. You two have such an amazing connection.

    Thank you for sharing!



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