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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our (blog) Top 10

Recently it seems, mouse hasn't has either been busy or unsure what to write about.  It's probably an ebb and flow thing that all of us go through.  The other day, however Daddy mentioned that it might be fun to go through all the posts and find the ones that created the most hits according to Blogger.  

There were a few posts we eliminated from the list.  One in particular titled, "Am I a Pain Slut?" Was so over the top on hits we dismissed it as being "popular" for search engines.  Also we after hours of debate dismissed the equally likely search engine popular of TTWD: Total Power Exchange which came in a whopping 7510 hits and we can't know if it's really just a search engine thing or just really that popular.  

Our Top 10: 

10. With 604 hits, this little post received zero comments! Surely an oddball thing, right?  

9. Right behind the odd post is a post from Omega grabbing 678 hits!  

8. Omega wrote this post claiming 716 hits and is a difficult read for mouse, but nonetheless important for many reasons.  It also shows how much he cares and how far she's come!  

7. At 796 hits this is a post mouse had completely forgotten about!  Really it's the little things like this that made the whole Top 10 thing so interesting.  

6. Yet another Omega post (seriously?!) This one capturing 879 hits.

5. At 1040 hits we find this gem inspired by Sin, and about mouse feelings when we briefly engaged in a bit of diaper domination.  Yes, the baby killed any thoughts about that ever happening again.  

4. Generating 1099 hits is this odd-duck post from mouse.  

3. At 1190 hits this was an early post from mouse from April 2010 and it's odd because it was a post mouse never liked very much.  It does illustrate how much we've changed and things that will never change.  One day perhaps mouse will write an updated version.  But again, perhaps not.  

2. Coming in at 1316 hits is this little gem from the beginning, 2009 and was written by mouse.  The title was later changed.  

1. Finally the most popular post...Coming in at number 10...At 1362 Hits is from....You guessed it.  Omega and oddly enough it's got nothing to do with the lifestyle.  


  1. I think its safe to say we all like an Omega post (must be due another one soon surely?)....but of course we love yours as well lol

    It is interesting to see what brings people to ones blog, and sometimes its the posts that are the more popular ones are the ones we least expect.


  2. This is a great idea! Thanks for the look into the archives.

  3. What a lovely idea :) No having followed your blog since the beginning it is nice to read some of your older posts ava x

  4. What a fun post mouse!
    Your's is one of the first blogs I discovered at the beginning of my journey (just a year ago now) .. & I lurked here for a long time. I have read the whole thing & it's been interesting to see your top 10 posts.
    I have to say, yours & Omega's journey has been amazing to read, from what you both have struggled with in your lives to how strong & powerful your relationship is today.
    Although I have been fortunate enough to never had had to go thru the trauma that you have seen, nor shall I ever have the type of relationship you have now. You & your journey will forever be an inspiration to me.

  5. loved the walk down memory lane mouse!! love all your posts from beginning to end. :)

  6. oh, and maybe Omega should write another post? its been awhile.... :)

  7. mouse,

    Interesting. Thank you.

    I enjoy all of your posts, I would have a hard time picking my favorite.


  8. Hi mouse and Omega,
    It's taken me a few days to read through this post.
    What a lovely collection of seemingly random yet meaningful topics! I really enjoyed it. And yes, it seems we would all like to read an occasional Omega post, please!
    Love to you both,



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