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Monday, March 31, 2014

On Your High-flyin' Cloud

We had been texting back and forth, Daddy knew mouse was upset when he left for work, but was a bit mystified, as to the reason. The blog helped but didn't answer all his questions. He got home early, and saw the kids were occupied so he took mouse upstairs into the bedroom. He took off his belt and sat on the chaise.

That obstinate petulance she felt so clearly earlier was back, but she also knew better than to refuse (it was discussed in text and she was fully aware of the plan). Lifting her skirt and settled over his knee, he began. Firm pressure sending yelps from mouse. Then at once, the mental damn had burst wide open, tears and sobs fell. Remorse, fear and a host of other junky emotions came out.

He pulled mouse close to his chest, as she continued to sob.

Hours later as we finally went upstairs for bed, he asked if mouse felt more relaxed. Indeed she did. He unzipped the skirt she was wearing and removed her blouse. He tugged on the nipple rings. Then he pulled mouse back over to the chaise.

Daddy bound her wrists together, then attached it to the leg of the chaise. He attached a clamp to the nipple rings that led to some string which was artfully attached to the chaise, effectively, holding mouse in place by her breasts. He did check that mouse was a least somewhat comfortable in that position, before moving on.

So to somewhat recap, mouse is face down on the chaise, arms around the upper part, nipple rings connected so any movement or pulling gave mouse a huge reminder not to do that. Movement wasn't completely restricted small movements could be made without any pain. He went to the toybox in the closet and found the penis gag, and slipped it into mouse's mouth.

He hadn't laid a finger on her technically and mouse was throbbing for his touch...Until he tickled mouse's feet to check that she was in fact secure enough. Daddy decided then moire rope was needed so he tied her legs more securing them and tickled her feet again. Then he just grazed her soft place and mouse began to drift.

What he did is unclear to mouse but there was a lot of pleasure, pain and she knows he used her. All the while mouse sucked on the gag and felt her body just float. At one point mouse became vaguely aware he was fisting her, the orgasm she had sent her back into subspace.

Later, she found herself wrapped in a blanket the penis gag gone, laying on the bed with his body snaked around her own protectively. That safe feeling exploded in mouse, feeling him grow hard knowing she was coming out of dream-like state. Although her muscles ached a little, he pulled her hair, moved her into the position he wanted and took her from behind.

Words like whore and slut pummeled her, as she felt him edge himself closer to own end. In that moment never clearer did she feel her slavery to him. His slut, His whore...Master...

Daddy has 'mastered' mouse and he knows exactly how to keep for as long as he likes in that odd slipstream.

Saturday morning, mouse woke and it wasn't so very early. Daddy's velvety voice whispered in her ear that she had suffered well, but...

In the shower Daddy washed mouse, then he dried her off, wrapped her head in a towel, and led her back to the bed. He again bound her wrists, and apologized as he placed the penis gag back into her mouth, he then inserted the lager plug -- and left mouse for a while, telling her not to move and to just rest (think he took to the kids). He returned, felt mouse down low and showed her his finger glistening with her juices. When he slid down his pants his erection was very evident. He slid himself onto the bad, rubbing the head against her moisture. With the plug secure, mouse moaned as he entered her and cried out as pushed further to fill her. Pounding, thrusting then he paused, removed the plug and entered her again.

The blindfold came out, and mouse again began to float as he spanked between her legs; the orgasm that rippled through her made her squirt (according to him). He had mouse doing whatever he wished. Debased and debauched, talking dirty and using words she normally never says. Daddy likes it when her slut comes out.

After another nap, slowly mouse came back, the blindfold still hiding her eyes, the penis gag still in place -- arms and legs splayed apart. Drifting in, mouse noticed pegs on her breasts and labia...then drifting out...

By the time evening fell, mouse was in fact purring like a kitten. Another quick shower for us and a glimpse caught of her welts in the mirror. Breasts bruised and obviously tormented, thighs striped with maybe the crop. Through the fuzzy mental state, mouse put on her makeup and fixed her hair. Daddy dressed mouse in a black cocktail dress with silk hose with the line up the back and strappy stilettos and the sexy hat. Daddy dressed in a casual suit without a tie. The final thing before he escorted mouse downstairs was the plug he inserted into her rear.

Daddy knew mouse was still fuzzy and was mentally distant, diminished somewhat so he was careful with her. He drove to a quiet place we've been before. A steakhouse with huge portions. He ordered mouse a salad a large steak for himself with lots of fresh veggies. He sliced off some of his steak for mouse to eat. He allowed mouse to have red wine and he had a cocktail. The music swirled around mouse, and even with her fuzzier composure she could hear Charlie Parker or some soft Miles Davis. The food helped clear her mind a little, but wine also set her back.

The whole time during the meal mouse thought about sucking him. Wrapping her lips around him. The thought made her wet, and she shifted in her seat. Slutty mouse hung on Daddy as we left the restaurant and brazenly kissed him. Walking back to the car, Daddy knew mouse was dizzy from wine and from play. As he drove he told mouse to part her legs and touch herself. He laughed as she did it.

"Whore, you want to cum" It wasn't really a question. He pulled off the road to quiet spot. He gave mouse 5 minutes to orgasm as he watched. Then he began to drive again. It felt dangerous and in retrospect mouse thought of her blog friend Sin doing something similar at her Big Bad's request. It felt edgy and wrong. Dirty whore.

At home, Daddy didn't wait for mouse to get into the house, he ordered her to remove her dress in the garage. Standing there, wearing nothing but the corset, garter, hose shoes and the hat. Dirty slut. Daddy's pants were bulging. He led mouse into the house, bound her hands behind her back. Then fixed himself another cocktail. He gave mouse a pillow to kneel on in the family room, while he let the dogs out and ushered them into the sun room. He unzipped his trousers but left his underwear on told mouse to suck him. He loves seeing what move mouse will use to get the boxers out of the way to claim her prize, especially without her hands. He watched a movie, Apocalypse Now, as mouse struggled with the underwear and eventually sucked him leisurely. His staying power at times is amazing.

Many times as she slowly sucked his length she looked up at him; his head was back, relaxed just seemingly enjoying the worship. When he finally got close, he grabbed mouse's head guiding her deeply and making her choke. After such a long time on her knees he helped mouse up. He turned off the tv and carried mouse upstairs.

Sunday morning mouse's head was clearer than it had been in a while. We spent some time leisurely in bed, we made love with him on top of mouse, feeling his weight on her body. It was slow, sensual and the perfect ending to a lovely weekend.

Sunday afternoon Daddy and mouse went to Lucy and Schroeder's home. A safe place where the swimmy headspace was appropriate to display. They had been watching the kids for us and planned a nice dinner. Seeing mouse in full submissive mode for the first time in a very long time and it felt good. Doting on Daddy. It made mouse really notice how far she's drifted from him.

The drift certainly wasn't intentional.


  1. What a lovely weekend mouse, i admit to being envious.

    That mental damn breaking is such a great release and relief when it happens, and i find personally its when im most adamant that i dont need it that i do indeed need it the most, he tends to know when i do more than i do.

    When you say "full submissive mode" what do you mean by that? im asking because im wandering if sometimes circumstances occur that just unbalance the ebb and flow....if that makes sense.


    1. Oh yes yes yes tori. Really almost stunned how far mouse has drifted from being happy with serving him...dunno if that's the right wording. Tomorrow mouse might blog in the other blog, about another issue, but Wednesday might be able to organize these thoughts better.


  2. Wow, you two leave me speechless - in a good way!
    Bless you both!


  3. Oh, what a great weekend. I've missed what is going on, but sounds like your Master knew exactly what you needed.

  4. Oh, I'm with tori. I am jealous…you two have a fabulous dynamic and you both work on it. He did such an amazing job of working with you. You are both so lucky to have Lucy and Schroeder who help tie you alone time as well as understand and let you each be yourself. Sounds like a magical weekend.



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