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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am Yours, You Are Mine

I am yours, you are mine
You are what you are, and you make it hard...
Sir doesn't mind it in the least when mouse reveals some deep truth about herself, but he doesn't appreciate it, nearly as much when her lens is turned to him. We could call that a character flaw of his. Sir is, without a doubt, completely aware of all his flaws and has intrinsic knowledge of them. He wasn't angry, or disappointed with mouse's post yesterday, if anything it made him uncomfortable to see it revealed in an intimate way. He's harder on himself than anyone else, including mouse, could ever be.

Simply stated he felt badly that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion, punishing mouse for something that wasn't her fault. He's human, with all the flaws, insecurities, and feeble emotions that all humans possess. If he cuts himself, his blood is red. Sure, mouse will joke that Vulcans are real and not at all simply a creation of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek and Omega just had his skin color changed and his ears fixed.

It's not surprising to mouse that things between us are cool. It's really just a matter of time before a soft breeze will blow against the smoldering and seemingly exhausted embers and reignite them into a flame. If we tend the fire it will grow. Left alone it will run out of fuel and burn itself out.

It does worry mouse that someday he might allow the flame to quietly go out and that for him this has been an experiment of sorts. Could he maintain a close intimate relationship and not be hurt or perhaps worse, consumed?

All she can do right now, is beg him to forgive her, because sometimes when mouse reveals her own darker fears she betrays him a little.

Omega's Note:
I discovered this post when I opened my laptop, a post-it note asking for approval before these words were published. 
I am adding an editors note to this, mouse has nothing to apologize for and any residual discomfort I feel, is mine to deal with. I, with all I am, pledge our fire will not be extinguished, as I believe our flame is eternal.


  1. this was a beautiful post, and an absolutely beautiful addition from Omega, too. I'm now happily humming the Bangles 'An Eternal Flame'!

    I'm not sure you can betray your partner by revealing fears, although I know what you mean and deep down feel the same way, actually. Logically though, surely it's only a problem when you don't reveal them and then they start effecting things?

  2. I love reading about your relationship, there are so many parallels with the relationship I have with my Serafina. Stay beautiful!

  3. I truly love reading your thoughts. You have inspired me to begin writing a blog myself. Your thoughts are beautifully arranged and I can hear the love you have for O as you talk about him, and Omega, your declaration of your flame being eternal, it is what many women never have the joy of hearing. You honor Mouse with your words. B and I are blessed by your sharing!

  4. Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you handle the aftermath that, I think, ends up defining the relationship. I'm not good at admitting mistakes, but I'm getting better, and I hate when I feel like I've disappointed Sir in any way. I can only imagine that, for Him, it would be the same.
    Lovely post, Mouse & Omega

    Flip x


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