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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moon Dancing

And every time I touch you, you just tremble inside
And I know how much you want me that you can't hide

Friday was odd, having finished the chores relatively early mouse decided an afternoon nap was in order. Just felt so sleepy and the whole week felt stressful. So as mouse napped, she began to dream. Normally, she doesn't remember her dreams much, and even more rarely does she have a dirty dream.

But in this dream mouse sent Daddy a text begging him to orgasm, which he said ok to (yeah only in a dream), so dreamland mouse got the hitachi and made herself orgasm...really it was intense! After, mouse sent Daddy a text message thanking him. That's something mouse would totally do too. Outside our bedroom door, however mouse heard his phone, "ding."

He came into the room, dressed in the suit he wore to work, but looked a bit different. Oh, it might have been the raging hard-on he had, or the way he stroked himself. He entered her in the rear and it was like mouse could feel it. Pummeling her ass...

Long after dinner and work, Daddy and mouse were whispering in bed. The dirty dream subject came up, and mouse recounted it for him.

Being the logical soul he is, he questioned the how could he get from work to outside the bedroom so quickly, his phone is kept on silent so it wouldn't make noise...

How could he climb onto the bed from the foot, when we have a footboard?

The shutters were open slightly and moonlight streamed inside, Daddy pulled mouse close to him, holding her body and pulling her up sliding her down onto him. His hands toying under the nightgown, capturing and twisting a nipple as she writhed on him. O Master!

The dream was very hot, but the real thing is always a little better.


  1. Ahhh, what a nice dream! Lately my dreams have been about falling asleep at work (at the job I used to have). It's kind of odd to dream about falling asleep.

  2. Trust a man to get all logical and picky about the details of your dream!
    Sounds like he more than made up for it, though!

    Kind thoughts to you both,

  3. That was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding - we liked it then, even with the innuendo, but it has come to have a different significance these days. Thanks for bringing it to mind today.

  4. Such a lovely dream. I don't remember my dreams much.


  5. Hi mouse - sorry to bother you :) I want to include you in the Liebster award on my blog because I love reading your blog so much!! It seems you don't have an email address so I thought I would try via comments ... much love ava xxx

  6. Moonlight sometimes makes the real quite dreamlike :)
    (And I totally laughed out loud about the logical mind questioning the dream facts...mine would do the exact same thing :P)


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