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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Sensitive Kind

She gets so lonely waitin' for you
You are the only thing to help her through
Don't take her for granted
She has a hard time
You got to know she's the sensitive kind
Longtime readers of this blog all know mouse has her quirks, the third person talk, and probably a multitude of other things mouse does but can't think of. Music has always been a huge part of her life. Often there's the joke that she has a soundtrack to her life, and often it's reflected in this blog.

For well over a couple years now the majority of posts are titled by a song lyric or name of a song. Mentally a song will play through mouse's head and mouse will cherry pick a line that fits. Daddy will sometimes play along with mouse. One such moment was carried out on twitter, where we sent links to YouTube videos, almost like an odd form of banter

Let's be clear Daddy isn't into music half as much as mouse is, but occasionally he'll reach out to her via a song. After the tumultuous week we had last week, mucus remarked to her dear friend Lucy that Daddy seemed distant. While the distance could completely normal (work related and gearing up for his absence for a good chunk of summer), there was the added worry he was upset with himself or mouse.

Lucy, being the super friend sent Daddy an email, to nicely intervene and sent him a link to the song, The Sensitive Kind by Santana. Later that evening we were snuggled in bed and he asked if she's been feeling neglected. No, not at all neglected -- but not at all useful to him.

He tried to inject a little fun in our relationship and everything got messed up and now he's so busy -- and so is mouse. Making sure we have everything for the summer. In four weeks we'll be on the road. Things will calm down then. Summer weather made an unscheduled stop here so he's not picking out mouse's clothes for now. He worries because the day might begin cold or rainy, then by midday mouse is roasting in a sweater.

Ironically, he also told mouse to buy herself some pajamas.

There's a reason for that too, our bedroom is on the third floor with a large west facing window. The room becomes an oven. So mouse habitually, as it warms, kicks off the blankets and becomes chilled. Then fights to try to cover herself. We learned that last summer at the lake. Kids barging in -- smaller place with not a whole lot of privacy. So when mouse began wearing pajamas she didn't get cold and when small child climbed into our bed at night -- wearing bed clothes made it easier.

It seems backward, nude in fall and winter, wearing pajamas in spring and summer...


  1. I had, in the past found third person speech annoying, but its dependent on how its done, you do carry it off so well mouse, perhaps this is because its become so much a part of you it would be quite strange if you were to stop it.

    ooh i love my pj's would wear them a lot more often if i had my way


  2. I am with tori I love my pyjamas too but I can only wear them outside of bed lol ava x

  3. mouse, I love your third person speech, it somehow draws me into your world in a way I can't explain very well.
    I love my pj's; putting them on means I'm home and safe - can't sleep in them, though!


  4. I think everybody changes things a bit for kids.



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