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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is Life?

What is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side
We have a pretty wide circle of friends and even wider group of friends of friends, to us they're barely acquaintances. Sometimes mouse watches these people and wonders what they're like in their private life. A few years ago, someone mouse wasn't acquainted with at all asked her if she was "Taken in Hand." in fact, mouse wrote about the incident, here.

It's a terrifying prospect. Yet, while she would never, ever presume as much or ask anyone, there are people we know that mouse wonders about.

There are people you can't help but wonder about. The women who get together and talk endlessly about how stupid their husbands are. Would they be just as loud or vocal if their own husband was just standing behind them? That actually happened some time ago, we were at a party and the women were gathered, as we tend to do, and one wife was griping, another joined in and soon they were all complaining. As mouse stood to leave she saw one of the husbands standing there. He was bringing his wife a drink. It had be hard, or perhaps he was used to it, or spoke just as ruthlessly about her.

Now, let's be clear about something, while mouse would love to say she's not at all the type to engage in that kind of behavior. There are times she does, but it's quite different. Normally she'll mention when they discuss how sloppy their own husbands are, mouse will point out that living with "Felix Unger" isn't a cakewalk either. Yes, he's quite the neat nick.  He also leaves the toilet seat up and each morning wrecks the bathroom.  

We have "neat" garbage.  It's like he plays Tetras when he throws things away to maximize the space in the can.  He can go away for a month with just one carry on bag.  So, yes, sometimes mouse will lightly engage in that type of talk

When the topic shifts from their husband's to life in general that's usually when mouse checks out.  The way they all talk, it's horrible but mouse doesn't see it that way at all.  In fact she can't fathom life without Daddy in it.  Despite and maybe a little because of his flaws, he does make mouse better.  Ok, she does pay more attention to little details that she normally wouldn't have given a thought to.  That's because of him.  He tends to notice everything, but often doesn't mention that he does.

Still mouse has wonder a little about some people we know, what's hidden in their nightstand?  Are some of our friends privately kinky?  This leads to another thought...Do they wonder about us? 


  1. mouse,

    My wife and I have been best friends with a couple in a rural area for many years. We found out on a visit that in addition to an HOH marriage life style that they are also spankos.

    However, I believe the love and connection that you two have as a couple is exceptional.


  2. Yes! all this goes around in my head, i like people watching, so it stands to reason that some must observe how the bossman and i are with one never knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    I think, like you said there is a difference between making little comments such as leaving the toilet seat up...the bossman's is leaving the lid off the toothpaste..drives me bonkers as im the neat freak in this house! and totally running ones partner down.

    Its about respect at the end of the day in my opinion, whether one is in a D/s etc relationships or not, i find it quite embarrassing in situations where a couple are making digs/quips at their partner in a public setting, and its humiliating and awkward for the one having the digs/quips made at their expense.


  3. I wonder about some of our friends too, especially when they make little funny comments that seem to suggest things. But I am generally not one to ask anything.

  4. Daddy is always commenting (just to me of course) on friends, acquaintances, people we meet along the way about the dynamic He thinks they may share … fascinating to think how much goes on behind closed doors ;) ava x

  5. Good morning mouse,
    I did not date in high school. I made that choice for a few reasons, one being that I found most of the boys I engaged with were still so very dumb. What I mean by that is they were controlled by their hormones and irrational lack of control and although I cherished them as friends, never would I participate in an intimate exchange. My many girlfriends would though and like clucking chicks in a hens house, it did not take long for them to speak negatively about their mates.

    This cyclic behaviour of adoration followed by cruel remarks only to return to endearment followed by terrible insults continued throughout my adolescents and into my adulthood. Although I sincerely was unable to contribute any communication in my younger years, I refused to add fuel to an already raging fire as I grew.

    Master and I most certainly are not perfect. I have my flaws and he has his. Sometimes they feel overwhelming and other days merely minor disturbances. Regardless of the degree of frustration I have yet to sit around the table bad mouthing the man I love. Not only do I not divulge my irritations with my collective group of girlfriends, I do not join in when they belittle their counter parts.

    I have a very good friend and I will share with her because I know she does not judge him nor does she judge me. She is my sounding board and I feel safe in expressing my worries with her. Even then I do not call Master names or degrade him. Frankly I do not understand such bitterness. If one is truly that unhappy why stay together? I can not imagine how spiritually heartbreaking it must be for a husband to hear his wife disrespecting him? Really sad actually.

    Whenever my friends name call their partners I do not cheer them on. For one, it is unkind and two what value does it bring? I genuinely feel as though we are losing respect for humankind and I do my best not to contribute to such a trend.

    Goodness me, okay, off of my soapbox. *smiling* Now as for wondering about what goes on behind closed doors, all my friends are aware of my relationship with Master. Now I say that as though I have an abundance. I have 3 close friends. I have numerous acquaintances but 3 very close friends and they are all aware of my status with my Master. They have all heard me address Master in such a way and although I am discrete when it comes to displays of public affections I am open to any questions they might have. They all respect my choices and although they themselves do not engage in such a lifestyle, I have never once felt dismissed by them.

    As a people watcher I often look at others and ponder their home life. If anything it is a fun little game for me to indulge in when I have a moment of quiet. Although my thoughts vary I think more people have some level of kink in their lives, even if they are not actively aware of it.

    I am certain you most likely give off hints; however, one has to be aware of what those hints mean otherwise they will not know.

    Wishing you and Omega a beautiful day mouse.




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