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Sunday, June 8, 2014

See You in September

In a few days this blog will go a bit quiet. We will try to update as time allows. The week or so that our blog was closed was really hard on mouse and made Sir all the more determined to fix the issue. In other words it wasn't exactly a welcome break. The coming break leaves mouse a bit mixed. It can't be helped.

September seems a long way off, a long time, forever! No, not that long.

There's a distinct combination of nerves and excitement now coming from mouse. How can Sir possibly erase the building fears? Well the answer is something mouse already knows, positive reinforcement. Being "away" will certainly help with that. Sir said there's nothing to fear and assured mouse it will all be fine. Of course, the rational side of mouse already knows this and can't help but to feel excitement to just be getting away.

On a final note we are completely overwhelmed by the amount of support you have shown mouse during these last few months and especially since our return. Thank you all!  


  1. Have a great time away.

    For this girl, well, i can't even imagine the place i will be in September, so i hope it it proves to be a place of happiness and reflection

  2. Have a wonderful summer! I will look forward to hearing from you as that is possible. Try to enjoy the quiet days -- although I am not sure how you manage that exactly... but you KNOW what I mean :-)

    All the best,

  3. I will certainly miss your posts but wish you and your family a wonderful vacation filled with plenty of good times and new memories. Safe travels.

  4. I wish you all well. I know you will be well and handle all that comes. Your Sir takes good care of you and you take food care if your children. Enjoy your summer and make lots of memories.


  5. Have a blast! Looking forward very much to your return.

  6. Wishing you, your Sir and family a happy, fun and peaceful summer.


  7. "Building fears", mouse? I don't think I understand what this means.
    I hope you have a wonderful summer, with a good balance of family and couple activity.
    Relax and enjoy!
    Looking forward to hearing about it on your return to the blogosphere.


  8. I will miss your voice, but I hope you have so much fun away ava x

  9. Summer vacation
    Is taking you away
    Have a good time but remember
    There is danger in the summer moon above

  10. I hope you have an amazing summer. I will miss your writing and look forward to reading again in September.


  11. See you in September. Enjoy every moment!

  12. We would like to thank all our followers for the supportive comments and remarks. Understandably we have turned off comments until we return fully.

  13. I hope you all had a wonderful summer.


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