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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Alternative post title: How to rack up a million demerits...

Good morning, its currently 32 degrees outside with some wind blowing (winter hasn't even officially started and mouse already wants it over).  

So, mouse is in the car driving and listening music when she got behind someone...while its not word for word what mouse said, it's close. The problem was Daddy was beside her. He looked amused, shocked and not sure what all else. But his little black book came out and he was busy writing away with his pen.

Very briefly mouse considered how satisfying it would feel to snatch the pen from his hand and toss it out the window. Daddy must have read her expression because he tucked the pen into his pocket. The next car who cut mouse off, Daddy placed his hand on mouse's shoulder as if to say, "Don't think about it." 

The reason he was in the car was he'd dropped his car for service at the mechanic, and needed a lift to work.  At first it was nice the idea of driving him to work, except that he hates the way mouse drives.  Alright, that's not fair.  He thinks mouse is a good driver, he just feels more comfortable driving himself and it doesn't matter if he's in a cab or riding with a friend or mouse...We could just say it's his way.  

So, mouse's outburst on the freeway wasn't completely unexpected for him and yes mouse swears like a sailor when she's driving at times.  He's tried ways to get mouse more zen about driving, classical music on the radio but it doesn't matter. In front of building as he was getting out he told mouse we'd discuss it later and she hates that.  

He sent a text later in the morning saying his day was light, so if mouse could manage it, we could meet for lunch and then pick up his car, so mouse rearranged the errands and met him for lunch.  When mouse saw him, he had her scoot over so he could drive.  We drove to the restaurant and he didn't say much, just that work for him was finished for the day.  

Lunch was nice, but he didn't mention the morning incident and mouse thought briefly she was in the clear.  Silly mouse.  

We ran a few errands in the city -- since it's not often mouse goes there and then went to collect his car and she followed him home. Everything seemed very normal until after dinner.  Then he punished mouse.  Still it was good that he did it, because she still has all day today and most of tomorrow before he closes the books on her week and she'll be punished again.


  1. My Master likes to do the driving too, though he also doesn't like driving my minivan much. Usually we take his car and he drives. Not that I'm a bad driver, he just likes to be in control, imagine that! LOL

  2. This is more a question than a comment. Does he keep tabs of your discretions throughout the week and deal out punishments all on one day? Sir and I are trying to make it work around the kids schedules, so I am just curious. And, if it makes you feel better, I swear like a sailor when I drive too and Sir hates it.

    1. Hi CollaredMom and welcome to our corner of the web. Omega keeps a record of mouse's demerits in this little black book (he prefers his own system), and yes, punishments for the whole week are delivered usually on Thursday evenings -- because that day seems to work best for us. There might be a more detailed post in this.

      He's not around all the time, but he sees enough that its usually fairly accurate -- since there are things mouse admits to.


    2. Thanks for the reply and following my blog. I have to admit things that Sir may miss, so he always has an accurate count. Thanks for sharing your system, I'm always interested in the multitude of ways that this type of relationship can work.

  3. Hey mouse...I had to learn to watch my mouth the first time my oldest repeated what I said as I drove. Now I have a collection of "curse" words such as 'son of a biscuit eater', 'son of a bunny rabbit', 'good gravy', 'clown', 'moron'...just to name a few. After a bit of practice, it does work. Hope this helps.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  4. It must be a guy thing. My husband swears he thinks i'm a very good drive - but he ALWAYS drives - and admits freely it's a control thing, "It's not you, it's me..." Watching him try to be the front seat passenger with our new teenage driver is an interesting thing.

  5. I am like this in the car. My Sir drives like a grandmother, and HATES driving, so he'd rather be in the passenger seat hearing me swear than doing it himself. : )


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