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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wrapped Aound

Monday night we had a " thing" to attend, not sure who in their right mind schedules a "thing" on a Monday. It was a typical coffee and donut/cookie crowd brought together to discuss an upcoming bigger thing. Daddy told mouse he wanted just a cup of coffee and for mouse to grab one of the bottles or water for herself. Coffee in the evening doesn't or rarely has any effect on Daddy. With mouse more often it does.

Eventually the meeting part was breaking up and people were mingling and gossiping, as is common place it seems. Over by the door, holding his coat Daddy was speaking to an older lady that we're sort of mildly aquatinted with. Really mouse thought nothing more about it.

In the car making the short drive back home, mouse asked what they were talking about. He replied so calmly it seemed like a discussion about the weather that she asked him if mouse were 'taken in hand".

"Oh my god. What did you say?" horrified..

"I told her yes."

This led to a long discussion, where he reminded mouse several times that he didn't reveal anything important. He didn't say he tortures mouse for his pleasure or that mouse is his slave. Then with the mentioning of that he dropped the discussion all together.

After the maintenance spanking, mouse tried to reopen the discussion by asking what the older woman thought when he said, "yes." Daddy sighed wearily, and replied, "she only remarked that more women today should be." and then he pulled mouse to him, signalling the topic was now closed.

Tuesday after the house was quiet, mouse pondered someone, essentially a stranger having the slightest notion of this thing we do. Why does this disturb mouse? That was the perplexing question that seems to always cause her to stumble over her own feet. While doing some household chores mouse was reminded of a kid's magazine that had puzzles and stories about values. It was religious in nature, but mouse usually just looked at the puzzles -- hidden objects that kind of thing.

One such story was accompanied with an image of a family praying together in a restaurant. The story was entitled 'Not Ahamed,' and mouse can recall at a tender age thinking who cares?! What people do is their own business. This line of thought has always served mouse well. Gays demanding equal protections under the law by allowing to marry...honestly mouse thinks of course! We should be free to do as we wish, as long as no one else is harmed in the process.

Now, mouse could get into the hypocrisy of religious peoples, who would demand or fight for their right to pray in a public place, yet try to subvert others rights. But the more mouse thought about it, the more she rolled over the thought in her mind, like a dryer tumbling clothes, the more she felt, screw it. Suddenly she wished to do over the times that caught her off guard. The time she was confronted in the bathroom, or the woman at the summer house.

At that moment mouse resolved to not hide or shirk from who she is. If someone were to approach her with a seemingly innocent question or voice a concern it would be met, eye to eye, with much more honesty. No, she's not about to announce her slavery to Daddy -- since the very word holds too much weight. But she won't hide herself either, instead holding her head high, and trying to firmly assure that she's well cared for. If the woman had approached mouse and asked if she were "taken in hand," mouse might now reply, "why yes." and leave it at that.


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  1. I think that is so interesting that a stranger knew about TIH enough to recognize something with you and your Master. I don't think we've ever had that happen, and don't really know how I'd handle it. Probably awkwardly, per usual. LOL


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