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Monday, April 18, 2016

Makes me Mellow

We're going through things, not really packing, but going through before the packing begins. Pre-packing. It occurred to mouse that she should have explained things better or differently, but her focus was divided between too much she wanted to say. Today, she'll let work know that she won't be signing the contract offer. That's going to be rough on her, more than she realized.

The timeline that isn't really a timeline yet. The only thing we do know is probably sometime during July. Guess we should also explain, we aren't selling our house but will be leasing it out -- so it must be emptied completely. If after time passes and we hate it, then we can always move back. Daddy's made arrangements to stay with family. While mouse isn't thrilled with much of this...

When we began talking seriously about this, it started as a "why not just do it" was the very kind of thing that after a days, we'd just abandon it. This time though, we kept talking. We even made a list of pros and cons, tacked it with a magnet, and added to it as we thought of things. Daddy insisted on three columns, one for pros another for cons and the third was for questions (what we needed to find out before we could decide).

Weather landed in the "con" category, because it's a crap shoot and we won't really know for sure until we've done it. Daddy would double check the answers before deciding if it was a pro or con. In the end, while a couple cons were huge, the pros really outweighed them. Then we talked more between us and mouse had to be very honest.

It actually was harder than it sounds, because mouse really wants to please him and to be happy with her. This required her to examine her real feelings about it all and worse, express them. He didn't dismiss any of the concerns, but talked her through them and made them less scary.

Yet, there are times when the fears get inside her and she questions our sanity in this.

Today, is one of those days. Maybe tomorrow will be easier.



monkey girl said...

not commenting mouse, just sending you BIG hugs.

Vesta said...

Hi mouse,

It seems that the decision is well and truly being put in train and that it has been carefully thought out to accommodate educational needs and so forth. I tried just now to put myself in your shoes and education was my first concern since our holiday house isn't close enough to good schools to make a permanent move a possibility with school aged children. But, assuming that's not the case with your move, I'd embrace the move as an experiment. Years ago when we lived in Connecticut my husband travelled to Atlanta on a weekly basis for about 6 months. At the time, and looking back, it worked fine. For the move to the holiday house permanently, even now, I'd need to get involved in some group activities and meet people; get my feet firmly planted in the ground. We come and go from the holiday house, don't really feel part of the community in that way as yet. If it doesn't work after a year or so I'd voice that feeling, mouse. It has to be a happy move for all of you. But, it could be a great blessing, that's entirely possible. (Are you sure you can't have the Internet there??) Best wishes. xx

mostly mouse said...

Civilization is moving slowly in. The soap shop lady said telephone, Internet and cable tv will be the normal thing in a few more years for everyone in the outlaying areas. The town area is expanding in the next few years. The whole foods type market is new and well used. They've also expanded the outdoor market in town to three days a week from April through October.

Cell phone service is a new thing at least we can keep in touch more easily now and mouse can phone in case of emergency, which is also why we never entertained living there full time before.


mostly mouse said...


Roz said...

((Hugs)) Mouse, this is a big move and it IS scary. It sounds as though you have both thought it through thoroughly. Sending positive thoughts and wishing you the very best.


Isabel Armon said...

Wow! Such big changes..... *hugs*

This actually sounds amazing for y'all and I'm quite excited! Though, I will miss your regularly scheduled posts ☺